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Oral health care is an important part of a cancer patient's overall health and well-being.  View our videos to hear what members of the OHCCP community are saying about oral health care for cancer patients.

Video 1 - Oral Health Care is Important to Sherry

Sherry shares with the community about why oral health care is important to her.


Video 2 - Sherry's Story

Sherry shares her cancer story and tells us how cancer treatment effected her oral health.


Video 3 - Shirley Explains Dry Mouth

Shirley shares what she has learned about dry mouth and some healthy habits for combating dry mouth.


Video 4 - Sherry Explains Dry Mouth

Sherry discusses how dry mouth affects cancer patients.


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Dr. Susan Zunt performs an MST saliva flow test to measure the amount of saliva in Shirley's mouth.

Shirley was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and has fought through two boughts of vaginal cancer in 2004 and 2005.  One of the complications Shirley experienced as a result of her cancer treatment was xerostomia or dry mouth.


Dentists can help manage their cancer patient's dry mouth by first assessing their patient's salivary flow using a Schirmer MST strip and by using other salivary flow measures.  Once the patient's saliva flow rate is assessed, the dentist and patient can work together to manage the effects of dry mouth.


Check out Dr. Zunt's featured article on hyposalivary function and cancer therapies.


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