Literature on the Oral Health Complications and Conditions
of Cancer Treatment
Orofacial rehabilitation of patients with post-cancer treatment-an overview and report of three cases
Guttal et al.
2010, Indian Journal of Cancer
This article presents an overview of the orofacial rehabilitation of post-cancer treatments along with case reports.
Assessment of oral cytological changes associated with exposure to chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy
Ahmed and Elemirri
2009, CytoJournal
Study investigated the feasibility of using cytological evaluation to detect oral epithelial atypia in cancer patients living in Khartoum, Sudan.
Oral health in cancer therapy (abstract)
Rankin et al.
2009, Texas Dental Journal
Dental treatment planning and management in the patient who has cancer (abstract)
Brennan et al.
2008, Dental Clinics of North America
The oral cavity has the potential to be a major source of short-term and long-term complications from cancer therapy. Appropriate evaluation and elimination of potential sources of oral infection before cancer therapy is vital because oral bacteria are a known source of bacteremia and septicemia during cancer therapy.
A survey of National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers’ oral health supportive care practices and resources in the USA (abstract)
Epstein et al.
2007, Supportive Care in Cancer
Article discusses the findings from a pre-tested, survey questionnaire that was distributed to the directors of National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer centers to assess each institution's resource availability and clinical practices, as it relates to the prevention and management of oral complications during cancer treatment.
The dental safety profile of high-dose radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer: Long-term results of a longitudinal cohort study
Walter et al.
2007, The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Article discusses findings from a cohort study in which the authors investigated the incidence of sialadenitis, xerostomia, caries, and tooth extractions after high-dose radioiodine therapy for differentiated thyroid cancer and explored risk factors by multiple regression models.
Oral Complications of radiotherapy in the head and neck
Jham and da Silva Freire
2006, Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia
The aim of this study was to review the side effects that may be seen in the oral cavity during or after radiotherapy treatment in the head and neck region.
Radiation-related damage to dentition (abstract)
Kielbassa et al.
2006, The Lancet Oncology
This Review focuses on the multifactorial causes of so-called radiation caries and presents possible treatment strategies to avoid loss of dentition.
Oral complications of radiotherapy
Sciubba and Goldenberg
2006, The Lancet Oncology
Article discusses the oral complications of radiotherapy, highlighting preventive and therapeutic developments, and reviews the current treatment options available for these disorders.
Current practice and knowledge of oral care for cancer patients: a survey of supportive health care providers (abstract)
Barker et al.
2005, Supportive Care in Cancer
The Oral Care Study Section of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) and the International Society for Oral Oncology (ISOO) conducted a survey on clinical practices of oral/dental management of cancer patients among supportive health care providers. The main purpose was to evaluate the knowledge and current practice for preventing and managing oral side effects associated with intensive chemotherapy (ICT), hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT), and radiation therapy to the head and neck (H&N RT).
The dentist’s role in managing oral complications of cancer therapies (abstract)
2005, Dentistry Today
The association between oral health and general health and quality of life in older male cancer patients
Ingram et al.
2005, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
The purpose of this paper was to describe the long-term effects of oral health problems on quality of life (QoL), functional status, pain, and general health in older male cancer patients.
Radiation therapy and oral care (abstract)
2005, Dentistry Today
The dental treatment needs and oral side effects of patients undergoing outpatient cancer chemotherapy (abstract)
Wilson and Rees
2005, The European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry
Article presents findings from a study in which two hundred and eighteen patients attending a specialist oncology centre were examined and the oral side effects recorded. The patients also completed a structured interview to examine the advice they had been given by health care professionals prior to starting chemotherapy.
Cancer-related oral health care services and resources: A survey of oral and dental care in Canadian cancer centres
Epstein et al.
2004, Journal of the Canadian Dental Association
The purpose of this survey was to assess the resources available for oral care in Canadian cancer centres.
Evaluation of dental health and the need for dental treatment prior to radiotherapy in eighty-three patients with head and neck cancer (abstract)
Martinez et al.
2004, Oral Biosciences & Medicine
A study was made to investigate the possible differences in dental health between patients scheduled for head and neck radiotherapy and healthy subjects of similar age and sex, with an evaluation of the need for dental treatment prior to radiotherapy.
Oral complications in radiation therapy (abstract)
Harrison et al.
2003, General Dentistry
This article reviews a number of radiation therapy-induced oral complications as well as the resources available to dentists for managing care of radiation oncology patients and improving their quality of life.
Barriers and strategies in implementation of oral care standards for cancer patients (abstract)
2003, Supportive Care in Cancer

The purpose of this paper is to discuss barriers to implementing oral care standards, and to make suggestions for how such standards might be implemented in clinical settings.
Oral health in cancer therapy: A guide for health care professionals, second edition
Rankin et al.
Document represents the compilation and distillation of the proceedings of the 2003 Oral Health in Cancer Therapy Conference.
Managing the oral sequelae of cancer therapy
Sadler et al.
2003, MEDSURG Nursing
Article discusses the oral sequelae of cancer therapy: oral mucositis, oral hemorrhage, infection, and xerostomia.
Prevention and treatment of the consequences of head and neck radiotherapy (abstract)
Vissink et al.
2003, Critical Reviews in Oral Biology and Medicine
In this review, the various possibilities for prevention and/or treatment of radiation-induced changes in healthy oral tissues and their consequences are discussed.
Oral care for patients undergoing cancer therapy (abstract)
2002, Dentistry Today
 Oral Complications of Cancer Therapy
2002, Oncology
Article discusses oral chemoradiotherapy-induced conditions such as oral mucositis, xerostomia, osteoradionecrosis, and local infections and reviews research directed at understanding the mechanisms of the stomatoxicities and at developing strategies to combat them.
Oral complications of cancer therapy (abstract)
Sonis and Fey
2002, Oncology
Article discArticle discusses the surge of investigational interest directed at understanding the mechanisms of stomatoxicities and at developing treatment strategies to combat them.
Dental complications of head and neck radiotherapy: Part 2
Andrews and Griffiths
2001, Australian Dental Journal
Article discusses prevention and management strategies available to the dental practitioner to stave off the dental side effects of radiotherapy. Specific consideration is given to xerostomia and radiation caries.
The acute effects of chemotherapy of the oral cavity: Prevention and management
Ilgenli et al.
2001, Turkish Journal of Cancer
Article aimed to assess acute oral complications in cancer patients due to chemotherapy and review treatment modalities for prevention and management of those complications.
Oral care for patients with cancer: A review of the literature (abstract)
Miller et al.
2001 Cancer Nursing
This review article details pertinent research to date regarding oral care, with an aim to clarify intervention options, and to identify and promote best nursing practice.
Management of oral disease prior to radiation therapy (abstract)
Schiodt and Hermund
2001, Supportive Care in Cancer
Article discusses methods to accomplish goals in patient management regarding oral disease prior to radiation therapy.
 Oral health in cancer therapy: evaluating and preventing oral complications (abstract)
2000, Dentistry Today
 A prospective pilot study to evaluate a new dental assessment and treatment paradigm for patients scheduled to undergo intensive chemotherapy for cancer
Toljanic et al.
1999, Cancer
Patients scheduled to receive chemotherapy frequently undergo pretherapy dental treatment to eliminate potential sources of odontogenic infection. A prospective study was conducted to assess a new protocol emphasizing minimal pretherapy dental treatment.
Dental considerations and treatment of the oncology patient receiving radiation therapy
Meraw and Reeve
1998, Journal of the American Dental Association
This article highlights some of the important clinical considerations and offers guidelines for treating patients receiving radiation therapy.
Oral health care for the cancer patient (abstract)
Scully and Epstein
1996, European Journal of Cancer: Part B – Oral Oncology
This paper discusses the aetiopathogenesis and means available for preventing, ameliorating and treating these complications, as well as indicating research directions.
Oral complications of local and systemic cancer treatment
1995, Current Opinion in Oncology
Mucositis is a common dose-limiting complication in patients receiving systemic cancer chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, and local irradiation for tumors in the head and neck area. In addition, mucosal ulcerations may become portals for the invasion of pathogens that in turn may be life threatening. Oral environment changes and salivary gland dysfunction cause an increase in dental caries and periodontal disease in dentulous patients who receive radiation therapy in and around the oral cavity.
Oral and dental management of the cancer patient: prevention and treatment of complications
Chambers et al.
1995, Supportive Care in Cancer
Article describes a philosophy of management of the cancer patient that specifically emphasizes the prevention and treatment of oral complications associated with cancer therapy.
Minimizing the oral complications of cancer treatment
Toth et al.
1995, Oncology
Aggressive cancer therapy places patients at greater risk for oral complications and treatment-related consequences. Unfortunately, prevention and/or treatment of such oral sequelae have become often overlooked priorities of the treatment team. This article describes a philosophy of management of the cancer patient that specifically emphasizes the prevention and treatment of oral complications associated with cancer therapy.
Oral complications of cancer: Preventive treatment is vital and many specialties are required
Calman and Langdon
1991, British Medical Journal
Article outlines the complications of cancer therapies.
Oral complications of cancer therapies: Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment
1989, National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement