Why We Need OHCCP

We need OHCCP because

Nearly one third of cancer patients are at risk for oral complications such as mouth sores, oral bleeding, life-threatening infections, increased caries (cavities), periodontal disease, loss of saliva, soft tissue and jaw bone death.

  • We need OHCCP because:

    Any of these conditions can compromise vital cancer therapies.

  • We need OHCCP because:

    These serious oral complications reduce a cancer patient’s quality of life, cause pain and distress, increase health care costs and increase morbidity.

We need OHCCP because:

There is an increasing amount of lower income patients in need of dental care.

  • We need OHCCP because:

    Over one third of all Americans lack dental insurance and 32 million people lack access to dental care.

  • We need OHCCP because: Although the number of Medicaid patients increases, states “are not mandated” to provide dental care for adults with cancer.

  • We need OHCCP because: States that do provide dental Medicaid coverage provide significantly low reimbursement amounts that are often capped at a low annual amount (e.g., Indiana currently caps dental coverage at $600/per yr/per pt).

What is needed is:

For each cancer patient to be seen by a dental provider pre, during and post chemotherapy and radiation.

  • What is needed is: More oral health care education about how cancer providers and cancer patients can effectively manage a cancer patient’s oral hygiene prior to, during and post cancer therapies so as to reduce serious oral health conditions.

  • What is ultimately needed is: Funding to support underserved, uninsured and underinsured cancer patients with their unpaid dental costs in order to increase their access to continuous oral health care services.

Are you a health care provider?

We need oral health care for cancer patients.  Find out why.