Organizational Chart

Dean, Indiana University School of Dentistry
John N. Williams Jr. DDS

Chair, Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry
E. Angeles Martinez-Mier, DDS, MSD, PhD

Associate Dean for Clinics
George Willis, DDS, MSD

Consultant: State Oral Health Director
James Miller, DDS

Director Community Dentistry Division
E. Angeles Martinez-Mier, DDS,MSD, PhD

Program Director
Armando E Soto Rojas, DDS, MPH

Financial Managers
Tim Brown, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration MBA
Jude Wilkinson, JD

Website Management
Ms. Danielle Calvert

Faculty Dentists
Armando Soto, DDS, MPH
Cheryl Krushinski, DDS
Lakshmi Ganesan, DDS

Staff Dental Assistant
Ms. Cynthia Grisby, EFDA

Dental Students and Volunteers