SEAL INDIANA is a statewide dental program that provides preventive oral health services for children who do not have adequate access to dental care using portable equipment. The Indiana State Department of Health and Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis provided start-up funding for the program, which began in March 2003. SEAL INDIANA resources include four portable dental chairs and units and a passenger van to carry faculty, staff, students and equipment. Services provided by SEAL INDIANA include dental sealants, examinations, toothbrush prophies, oral hygiene instructions and fluoride varnish. Treatment is based on the individual needs of each child. SEAL INDIANA does not provide any restorative services. This is consistent with the philosophy that restorative dental treatment should be done in a stationary dental office and that children’s oral health needs are best served when there is continuity of care in a local dental office or clinic.

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In this video Dr. Armando Soto, director of Seal Indiana, discusses the impact of the program on communities and dentistry students. Thanks go to IU Homepages for creating this informative video.
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