Room Requirements

In preparing for a Seal Indiana visit, room requirements to set up a temporary clinic are as follows:
  • A closed and properly ventilated room or space free of clutter, at least 35x35 feet, ie any multi-purpose room, gymnasium, stage or classroom (notifying occupant of our visit) is required.
  • Access to a restroom nearby is helpful.
  • Space should be able to accommodate 2 portable dental units, 2 patient treatment chairs, supplies, and an area for children waiting to receive treatment (see photo illustrations)

We will also request if you could help us providing:
  • 2 tables ( 1 for supplies needed for treatment and 1 for check-in)
  • 6-8 folding chairs
  • 1 or 2 large trash cans (if available) we have a portable one

Unacceptable rooms or treatment areas:
  • Hallways ( Non-compliant with HIPPA regulations)
  • Locker rooms with bathrooms (Non-compliant with infection control)
  • Basements that are not furnished
  • Rooms considered unsanitary