About Us


Emphasizing research, education, and cessation, the goal of the Tobacco Cessation and Biobehavioral Group (TCBC) is to move Indiana out of the group of states with the most tobacco users and tobacco-related diseases to a group of states with the least. The focus of the TCBC is to bring together researchers from different disciplines to better understand the mechanisms and biology of the effects of tobacco use and dependence, as well as its control, prevention, and cessation.

Unique and Distinctive Features

The center encompasses three (3) major components: research, education, and cessation. The research component crosses multiple disciplines involving basic tobacco-related biological research, behavioral research, civic engagement, and teaching and learning. The education component focuses on reducing the number of tobacco-related illnesses in Indiana by graduating researchers and advocates who advance scientific and behavioral knowledge about tobacco and its oral and systemic effects, and by training health professional students to provide their patients with specific tobacco intervention and cessation techniques. The cessation component utilizes the most effective and proven plans to assist tobacco users in quitting by multi-treatments options, i.e. pharmacological and biobehavioral methods.