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Arden G. Christen, Professor Emeritus retired as a Colonel in the United States Air Force in 1980. Since then, he has been involved in many tobacco-related research projects, focused on nicotine withdrawal therapy in the dental practice, and the effects of using smoked and smokeless tobacco. He is coauthor of the 1990 Surgeon General’s Report,”The Health Benefits of Smoking Cessation.”

In 1992, Dr. Christen launched the Indiana University Nicotine Dependence Program at the IU School of Dentistry. This nicotine dependence program is modeled after the highly-recognized Mayo Clinic tobacco cessation program. Upon his retirement from Indiana University in 2004, Dr. Christen moved this nicotine dependence program to Fairbanks Hospital, a chemical addiction treatment facility in Indianapolis.

In addition to dentistry, Dr. Christen’s interests include history of the dental profession, behavior and lifestyle modifications, stress reduction, chemical dependency, motivation and clinical effects of tobacco on oral health. He continues to teach these at IU School of Dentistry to the pre-doctoral, graduate, and dental hygiene students.