Indiana University School of Dentistry

Adverse Weather Closings Policy

The School of Dentistry has responsibility for education, patient care and research and careful consideration should always be given to continuity for these missions.  The School also has responsibility to make decisions with the safety and wellbeing of our employees, students, and customers in mind.   

While Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) is a healthcare facility, other than services provided in conjunction with campus hospitals, the overwhelming majority of services provided are for non-life-threatening situations.  In 2008 IUSD made the decision to align its weather closing policy with the IUPUI campus. This alignment not only addresses student and patient safety concerns, but also includes employment related issues.

IUSD pre-doctoral and dental allied health students assigned to clinics outside the dental school are excused when the dental school is closed.  It is up to the program director of each of the outside clinics to determine on any given day whether to close their clinic or keep it open.

Therefore, when the IUPUI Chancellor makes the official announcement to close the IUPUI campus, IUSD will automatically close also (although some essential services will need to continue).

Exceptions to this policy on Adverse Weather Closings will be extremely rare and will come from the IUSD Dean's Office or her/his designee as indicated below.

  • School of Dentistry Dean - John Williams
  • School of Dentistry Executive Associate Dean - Jeffrey Dean
  • School of Dentistry Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs – George Willis
  • School of Dentistry Associate Dean for Academic Affairs – Christianne Guba

This policy will be included in the Indiana University School of Dentistry Student Handbook, the Indiana University School of Dentistry Faculty Handbook.  Patients will be notified of appointment cancellations through our Televox system.