Postgraduate Endodontics Program Requirements

The entire curriculum is under continual review and improvement based on evolving accreditation standards, as well as input from residents and faculty. Periodically it is necessary to change the content and sequence of courses to benefit the program.


Core Courses

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G910 Biostatistics 
G907 Clinical Oral Pathology Conference I 1
G909 Clinical Oral Pathology Conference I I 1
G948 Advanced Radiology 2



Graduate Oral Biology I

Research Methodology




Major Courses

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G910 Seminar: Endodontics Review of Current Literature 4 total                        
G910                 Seminar: Endodontics Case Review & Treatment Plan                             4 total
G910 Seminar:  Review of Graduate Endodontic Text 2 total                           
G910 Seminar:  Interdisciplinary Treatment Seminar 2 total
G910 Seminar:  Current Text Seminar 4 total
G910 Practice Management 2 total
G926 Research:  Endodontics 6 total
G956 Advanced Endodontics 12 total
G957 Analysis of Endodontic Theory 8 total
G959 Oral Microbiology 3
G980 Advanced Surgical Endodontics 12 total
R949 Advanced Head & Neck Anatomy 3
R951 Advanced Minimal and Moderate Sedation
R963 Dental Implantology 2 total
R964 Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Graduate Dental Students 2

Minor Courses

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G907 Clinical Oral Pathology Conference I 1
G909 Clincal Oral Pathology Conference II 1
G976 Advanced Oral Pathology I 2
G977 Advanced Oral Pathology II 2


Minimum Clinical Requirements

  1. 175 teeth with at least 75 molars and 20 premolars
  2. At least one each of every tooth except 3rd molar
  3. 30 cases of exception skill
  4. 25 surgical procedures with 8 in special categories

A minimum requirement provides adequate exposure, but additional assignments may be necessary to achieve proficiency and/or the clinical time requirement. Clinical assignments will continue until the 24 month program is completed. Equivalent clinical procedures are acceptable with approval from the program director.