M.S.D. Required Courses

MSD Required Courses

The entire curriculum is under continual review and improvement based on evolving accreditation standards, as well as input from residents and faculty. Periodically it is necessary to change the content and sequence of courses to benefit the program.


Course #

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G910 Seminar: Dental Materials 1-3
G911 Dental Materials Science and Engineering 3
G912 Properties and Test Methods: Dental Materials 3
G913 Clinical Applications of Materials 3
G921 Research: Dental Materials 6
G650 Biostatistics I* 3
G651 Biostatistics II* 3
  *or equivalent approved by program director  



 A choice of either Operative Dentistry or Prosthodontics with the approval of the Chairman of the Minor Department. A minimum of six credit hours must be selected from the list of the department chosen.

Operative Dentistry

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G950 Advanced Clinical Operative Dentistry 1-2
G951 Interdis. Role of Operative Dentistry 2
G952 Analysis of Operative Procedures 2
G953 Recent Advances in Operative Dentistry 2



Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
R930 Prosthodontics Literature Review Arr
R931 Advanced Fixed Partial Pros Seminar/Lab I .5-2
R933 Clinical Prosthodontics Seminar .5-2
G942 Theories of Occlusion 2
G944 Principles of Gnathology 2



Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G938 Advanced Removable Partial Prosthodontics Technique 1
G941 Advanced Fixed Partial Prosthodontics 1
R928 Advanced Maxillofacial Prosthetic Technique 1
R929 Advanced Complete Denture Technique 1
G953 Recent Advances in Operative Dentistry 2
G951 Interdisciplinary Role of Operative Dentistry 1
G910 Seminar in Operative Dentistry 1
G958 Biomechanics 2