Financial Aid FAQs

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students can submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronically at, and list IUPUI school code of 001813.   There is no school specific application required to apply for assistance.

What is the priority date to apply for financial aid?

The priority date is March 10th each year for filing the (FAFSA); however, you may file as early as January 1st or after the priority date.

When should I hear about my financial aid for the upcoming year?

Award notices concerning aid for the upcoming academic year are usually sent to new students in April and to returning students by the end of June.  These notices contain instructions concerning Federal Stafford and other loans.

Are supplemental loans available and how do I apply?

If the funds received through the Stafford or other federal loan programs are not sufficient to meet your needs, alternative loans are available up to the total cost of attendance.  Please visit the financial aid website at for additional information.

How often to I receive money from my lender?

Stafford Loans for a period longer than 1 semester are divided into 2 disbursements with the second disbursement being issued at the start of the second semester.

What should I do if my Federal Stafford Loan does not arrive in time to pay my fees?

You will receive a net bill.  This is the amount due after anticipated awards.  This amount needs to be paid by the due date.  When the loans can be disbursed, the disbursements will apply to tuition and fees.

When do I receive my money?

Funds above the cost of fees are available by the first day of class for each academic period.

Who do I need to contact if I have additional questions?

You should contact Jennifer Vines, Assistant Director and IUSD financial aid liaison.  E-mail should be sent to  or you may contact Jennifer by telephone at (317) 278-1549.