Periodontics & Allied Dental Programs

Message from the Chairman

The department consists of three divisions: the Division of Periodontics, the Division of Dental Hygiene, and the Division of Dental Assisting.  Although the students differ within each division, the focus of all three is primarily in clinical teaching and clinical applications.  

The Division of Periodontics is responsible for all teaching within the discipline of periodontology for both predoctoral and graduate students.  As the principle focus is clinical teaching, research time for the faculty is limited.  Even with this limited time, this division is home to the Host Defense Laboratory.  Research opportunities for predoctoral, graduate and postdoctoral studies are available.  

The Dental Hygiene Division focuses on the preparation of students to enter the clinical practice of dental hygiene.  Both Associate and Bachelor's degree programs are available.  Research within this division mainly addresses educational concerns.  

The third division, the Division of Dental Assisting, prepares individuals to enter the dental profession with the qualifications to become Certified Dental Assistants.  This nine-month program culminates with the award of a certificate in dental assisting.

Graduate Periodontics Program

Predoctoral Periodontics Program

Dental Hygiene Program

Dental Assisting Program