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Awards & Recognition

Dr. Vanchit John  Received the Indiana Dental Association’s 2014 Groundbreaker Award for his outstanding contributions to diversity in leadership

Dr. Sivaraman Prakasam (clinical) & Dr. Weiping Zhang (basic sciences were finalists at the AAP 2013 Research forum Compeition.

Dr. Sivaraman Prakasam received the AAP foundation "teaching fellowship" for 2013-2014

Dr. Daniel Shin  received AAP foundation scholarship and completed the 2013 ADEA/AAL Institute for teaching and learning training program 

Dr. Vanchit John, Chair, Department of Periodontics, is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the AAP foundation and will be President in 2014.

Dr. Vanchit John, Chair, Department of Periodontics has become a Fellow of the American College of Dentistry.

Dr. Tom Kepic, is now Co-Chair of the American Board of Periodontology, Dr. Steve Blanchard will continue to be Director until 2015


Recent Publications From The Department

1. Diabetes and Periodontal Disease. The Bi-Directional link. John V, De Bedout T. Dimensions of dental hygiene. Vol 12 (3); March 2014.

2. Designing a safety checklist for dental implant placement. A Delphi study. Adam Christman, Stuart Schrader, Vanchit John, Susan Zunt, Gerardo Maupome, Sivaraman Prakasam. The Journal of the American Dental Association 145.2 (2014): 131-140.

3. Rheumatoid arthritis and periodontal disease: An update. Venkatraman A. Accepted for publication to the New York State Dental Journal. 


Other News

A recent publication from the department title "Designing a Dental Implant Safety Checklist" was featured as a cover story in JADA February 2014 issue. The study was part of  Dr. Adam Christman's , (a recent graduate from the program) Masters research work under the mentorship of Dr. Prakasam.

Video of Former IU Periodontics Resident Matt Rowe - Skydiving at the AAP Hawaii Meeting. Matt is currently Practicing in North West Indiana



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