IU School of Dentistry (IUSD)
Credential Management

IUSD is using a web-based credential management module of the Pangea Onboarding application from General Information Services' (GIS) .  The school uses this software to track compliance with credentialing and mandatory education training requirements for all faculty, staff and students.  For simplification, the school refers to this system by the term "GIS".

Mandatory Education is training required by positions, state law and /or regulatory agency necessary for an employee to maintain compliance with the applicable policies, procedures, and standards and regulations issued by the University, IUSD or governmental agencies.  This may include depending on position annual organizational training on a variety of topics including HIPAA, Infection Control, Bloodborne Pathogens, Corporate Compliance, etc.

A credential is defined as any requirement stipulated by IUSD, state law or regulatory agency, such as licensure, certification or registration that is required to perform the duties of their assigned position.  Examples of credentials include immunizations, dental license(s), x-ray license, CPR, etc. 

GIS will notify a user when a credential or training renewal is required.  Each user is responsible for obtaining that training and uploading proof of completion to their GIS record. 

To access the IU School of Dentistry GIS application click the link below.

Use your university username and passphrase as your login credentials.  




Preferred  Browsers

Mozzilla Firefox

Internet Explorer


Microsoft Edge 

Google Chrome

If you encounter a problem with one browser, please try one of the other browsers before submitting a help request to ensure it is the application and not the browser itself encountering problems.

GIS Help 

If there is an error with your login, please use this link to notify us (Please note you will not have access to this sytem until your account has been fully processed ). If you have a question or need
to contact us, please click here.