55 Dental, Dental Hygiene Students Receive Scholarships at IU Dental School’s 12th Annual Luncheon


A. Rebekah Fisk Dental Hygiene Student Scholarships, back row: Lindsay Alsop (left) and Lindsey Landes. Front: Amanda Greene, Tiffany White, Jane DePalma, Anna Smith, and Megan Blackburn


Alumni Association Scholarships, back row: Dental students Ryan Hungate (left) and John Yancey; Dr. Kenneth Hyde, IUSD Alumni Association president; and dental student Allison Frounfelter.Front: dental student Ali Sajadi, dental hygiene student Tiffany White, and dental student Karen Baird

STUDENTS OF DENTISTRY AND DENTAL HYGIENE receiving scholarships during fall 2010 were given an opportunity to meet some of the many generous people who make these awards possible each year.

The dental school’s annual Scholarship Luncheon, hosted by Dean John Williams on Nov. 8 at University Place Hotel on the IUPUI campus, brought students together with donors and other friends of the school who have created scholarships at IUSD and supported the school’s scholarship program.

Guests participating in the luncheon this year included Dr. W. Kelley Carr and Dr. Guthrie Carr, both of West Lafayette, Ind. (Guthrie Pullman Carr Academic Achievement Awards); IU School of Dentistry Alumni Association President Dr. Kenneth Hyde, Valparaiso, Ind. (IUSD Alumni Association Scholarships); Dr. LaForrest and Alfreida Garner, Indianapolis (Garner Minority Student Scholarship); Carolyn Wilson and daughters Cathy Hunter and Kimberly Egolf, all of Columbia City, Ind. (Michael T. Wilson Scholarship); and Yvonne Perkins, representing Citizens Gas, and Traci Adams-Wilson and Troy Adams, Indianapolis (Citizen’s Gas/Dr. Lehman D. Adams Jr. Scholarship).

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Jacy Nicholson (left) is the first IU student to receive a 
scholarship memorializing Dr. Richard Schnell (right).

This year’s 61 scholarships included one presented for the first time at Indiana University: the Richard J. Schnell (MS’58) Memorial Scholarship, which honors an IUSD dental materials professor who served on the IU faculty for nearly four decades. The scholarship was established for U.S. dental and dental hygiene students by Kathryn and Benjamin Schnell through the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois. The first IU recipient is Jacy Nicholson of the DDS Class of 2013.

Dr. Schnell was one of a small team of faculty members who helped IU’s legendary scientist Dr. Ralph Phillips build the foundation of a research laboratory at the dental school that grew into one of the most highly respected materials science labs in the world. Dr. Schnell earned a reputation among many of IUSD’s graduate students as a beloved and quintessential mentor who never lost his fascination in guiding young people through the process of discovery. Dr. Schnell retired in 1988 and died in 2002.

Indiana University School of Dentistry congratulates all recipients of the 2010 awards.


James (DDS’56) and Alice (ASDH’64) Hall Scholarship in Dental Hygiene
Named for IUSD graduates who practiced together in Indianapolis. Mrs. Hall died in 2002 and Dr. Hall in 2010.

Deanna Walton, DH2

Indiana University School of Dentistry Dental Hygiene Alumni Scholarship

Tiffany White, DH2

A Rebekah Fisk Memorial Scholarships

Honor memory of IUSD’s first director of Dental Hygiene

Lindsay Alsop, DH2

Megan Blackburn, DH2

Jane DePalma, DH2

Amanda Greene, DH2

Lindsey Landes, DH2

Anna Smith, DH2

Tiffany White, DH2


Dr. Marlin R. (DDS’46) and Mary J. Inman Family Scholarship
Established in 2006 to honor retired Boonville, Ind., dentist and his wife. Dr. Marlin died in February of this year.

Rachel Harvey, D3

Lawrence A. Lang, DDS’47, IUSD Class of 1947 Scholarship

Honors memory of Muncie, Ind., dentist
Anand Patel, D4

Elkhart County Dental Society Memorial Award
Honors memory of dentists who were members of the society
Shellie Steffen, D3

Steven L. Bricker (DDS’74) Scholarship
Honors memory of an IUSD professor who chaired IU’s former Department of Dental Diagnostic Sciences
Allison Gardiner, D4

Michael T. Wilson Scholarship
Honors memory of an IU dental student from Columbia City, Ind., who was in his third year of studies at the time of his death in 1983

Adam Clarke, D4

Guthrie Pullman Carr (DDS’15) Academic Achievement Awards
Honor memory of a Lafayette, Ind., practitioner
Shereen Elsahy, D2

Connie Shim, D3

Johnson Public Health Dentistry Awards
Honor memory of Frank and Jessie Johnson, parents of Donald Johnson (DDS’56), a retired public health dentist of Carmel, Ind.

Jill Carson, D4

Megan Davenport, D4

Robert J. Alber (DDS’47) Memorial Scholarship
Honors memory of a Ligonier, Ind., dentist
Gabrielle Johnson, D1

Citizens Gas/Dr. Lehman D. Adams Jr. (DDS’49) Scholarship

Jada Roberts, D2

Sylvia Levinson Memorial Scholarship

Honors memory of the mother of Steven Levinson of Studio City, Calif., and the late Harvey Levinson (DDS’60)

Jada Roberts, D2

Walter Ching (DDS’63) Memorial Scholarship
Honors memory of a pediatric dentist in Honolulu
Ali Sajadi, D3

Harvey G. Levinson (DDS’60) Memorial Scholarship
Honors memory of a Sherman Oaks, Calif., practitioner
Scott Thompson, D3

Milo V. Smith (DDS 1896) Memorial Scholarship
Honors memory of a Winchester, Ind., practitioner
Haley Frame, D1

Garner Minority Student Scholarship
Named for IU Professor Emeritus LaForrest Garner (DDS’57), former associate dean for IUSD’s Minority Student Services, and his wife, Alfreida
Carmen Johnson, D2

George A. Welch (DDS’51) Memorial Scholarship
Honors memory of a Rockville, Ind., practitioner
Brittany Swartz, D4

Pride-Hufford Scholarship
Named for the late Dr. James Pride, who was president of the Pride Institute practice management consulting firm; and Brian Hufford, president of the Indianapolis-based Hufford Financial Advisors, LLC
Heather Hirsch, D4

Howard K. (DDS’26) and Shizuko Maesaka Award
Honors memory of a dentist in Honolulu and his wife, the parents of longtime IU School of Dentistry professor and administrator Dr. Ray Maesaka, who died in 2000
Amanda Kot, D3

Perry Dental Study Club Award

Sponsored by southside Indianapolis dentists’ organization

Connie Shim, D3

Pierre Fauchard Academy Dental Student Scholarship Award

Karen Baird, D4

James W. Huckelberry (DDS’24) Scholarships
Honor memory of Indianapolis practitioner who worked with IU to create the IUSD Fall Dental Alumni Conference in 1942
Jason Bivens, D4

Vu Bui, D4

Adam Clarke, D4

David Felt, D4

Mina Mikhail, D4

Mitra Nikpour, D4

Scott Peifer, D4

David Simmons, D4

Cory Timbers, D4

Jamie Waltman, D4

Indiana University School of Dentistry Alumni Association Scholarships
Karen Baird, D4

Allison Frounfelter, D4

Ryan Hungate, D3

Ali Sajadi, D3

John Yancey, D4

Delta Dental Foundation Scholarships
Christopher Cummings, D3

Benjamin Donn, D2

Daniel Henricksen, D1

Kelly Horvath, D4

Katherine Hungate, D3

Carter McCrea, D4

Chelsea Schafer, D1

Erik Zundo, D2

Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society Scholarships
William Downie, D4

Claire Hemphill, D4

Jason Hemphill, D4

Elizabeth Kirsch, D4

Aliaksandr Kurshuk, D4

Jaclyn Ponder, D2

Devin Shone, D2

November 9, 2010