New IUSD Executive Associate Dean

Dr. Michael Kowolik

Indiana University School of Dentistry is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Kowolik has been appointed the new Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Global Engagement.

 Dr. Kowolik has been a dedicated faculty member at IU Dentistry, serving as Professor and Director of Graduate Research in the Department of Periodontics and Allied Dental Programs.  He was appointed Associate Dean of Graduate Education in 2007 and Associate Dean of Global Engagement in 2012.

 Dr. Kowolik has identified developing the school’s faculty as one of the key areas of focus in his new position. “I feel honored to be moving in to this position as Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs. The faculty are the school. They’re here to help define and pursue our vision and mission, and without them and without their excellent work… our students will not be successful.  It’s critically important that we appoint the right faculty, and that we nurture them in their careers. The other critical piece is that we must have the department chairs  foster, mentor, and provide guidance in a productive environment for junior, mid-level, and senior faculty.”

 An international scholar, Dr. Kowolik received his B.D.S from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and his specialty qualification in Periodontology from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He obtained his PhD at the Department of Human Genetics in the School of Medicine at Edinburgh University.

Building global partnerships will continue to be of key importance to Dr. Kowolik in his dual appointment. “I think the world out there is very different to when I first went into academics.  The heritage and reputation of  Indiana University School of Dentistry are extremely powerful, and in the past  had all the expertise  to teach people who are now our alumni and leaders all over the world .  Nowadays, many of these international institutions are better equipped, better financed, and our relationship with them has changed, become more collaborative, but we still have a very important leadership role to play.  Soon we will be returning to King Saud University in Riyadh with President McRobbie and his team, and that is all predicated on the work we did last year signing an agreement, which was between the two universities, but fundamentally it was the collaboration of the Dental Schools that drove this partnership.  I’m very proud of that, I think that’s something we’ve done that has really brought the Dental School under the University’s larger vision.  That’s just one example; we have a role to play in the global scene as we go forward.”

 A recipient of the IUSD Distinguished Faculty Award for Research, and The King James IV Professorship from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, he has supervised students who have received more than 20 local or national research prizes and awards. He also holds several adjunct and honorary appointments at universities in the U.S. and Mexico.

“For me, academic life has been a real privilege. I grew up in a country that valued higher education, I moved to a country, namely the United States, that values higher education, and having visited many parts of the world where that opportunity doesn’t present itself, I’ve come to consider myself privileged even more, and value that.” Opined Dr. Kowolik prior to his appointment. “I do believe that people like me who’ve benefited from that experience: good mentors, excellent institutions, and good facilities, we have an obligation to try to pass it on to those coming after us, those who are going to inherit what we are leaving behind, and hopefully build on that.”

 His appointment is official August 1st 2014.




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Founded in 1879 as the Indiana Dental College, The school is located at the center of Indiana, and in the heart of the state capital of Indianapolis. It is situated at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), one of eight campuses in the IU system. IUPUI shares its location with the world-renowned IU medical school and its partner, the IU Health academic health center. Many of the dental school’s faculty members have established strong collaborative ties with physicians and other scientists in the medical center facilities.  Over 80% of the Dentists in Indiana are alumni of the Indiana University School of Dentistry.



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