IU Dentistry Students Emerge as Leaders for the American Dental Education Association


Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) students emerged as leaders in elections held at the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) annual meeting last month in Boston.

Tim Treat (DDS 2016 class president) was named national chair, ADEA Council of Students, Residents, and Fellows (CoSRF).  “The ADEA Council of Students, Residents, and Fellows is the voice of students in dental education nationally.  It provides an awesome opportunity to collaborate with other students, faculty, and administrators from across the country on curriculum improvements, licensure, debt, and other issues facing students and residents,” said Mr. Treat. “Being elected as chair of the Council of Students is an honor and obviously a really exciting opportunity.  I'll be responsible for planning and coordinating our council meetings in the fall and spring, and we've also set several goals for the year, such as increasing the rate of ADEA student memberships and strengthening local ADEA Student Chapters.”

Mackenzie Kelley (D3) was named ADEA CoSRF Ohio Valley Regional Representative. “This position gives me the opportunity to learn more about change and innovation affecting dental education across the country, Ms. Kelley said. As policy changes continue to occur in dental care, the dental curriculum must follow suit, and IUSD is no stranger to this transition. I am a firsthand witness to the new curriculum changes at our school. Being able to experience this educational advancement gives me great hope for future innovation to take place, and it is successes like these that I will be sharing with the ADEA community during my time as the Policy Center Liaison.”

Additionally, Allison Williams (D1) was named CoSRF-Policy Center Liaison for Institutional Capacity Building and IUSD’s ADEA Student Chapter also received the Most Improved Chapter Award!

IUSD Dean John N. Williams reiterated, “To have Indiana University School of Dentistry so well represented among the leadership of a vital national organization such as ADEA is a real testament to the quality of student dentists in our program.  Tim, Mackenzie, Allison, and all the members of IUSD’s ADEA chapter should be proud of this recognition as they continue to advance our mission of excellence across the state and nation.”

The full list of elected officers is available at the American Dental Education Association website: