Judy Goldblatt, Wife of IU’s Former Dean of Dentistry, Dies in California

An accident in Palo Alto, Calif., has taken the life of Judy S. Goldblatt, wife of Indiana University oral pathology professor Dr. Lawrence I. Goldblatt, former dean of the IU School of Dentistry.

Mrs. Goldblatt was killed on April 15 when the car she was driving was hit by a commuter train. The Goldblatts were in California to visit family.

“Mrs. Goldblatt will always be remembered as a gracious first lady to the IU School of Dentistry – warm and welcoming to all faculty, staff, and students she hosted throughout the years Dr. Goldblatt served as dean and, before that, as associate dean,” said Dr. Susan L. Zunt, chair of the IUSD Department of Oral Pathology, Medicine, and Radiology and a close friend of the Goldblatts.

Dr. Goldblatt stepped down from the deanship of the IU dental school in June 2010 after serving for nearly 14 years, and has been on a one-year administrative leave. During the past year the Goldblatts had traveled together extensively, and Larry had undertaken a clinical rotation at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco among other academic projects here and abroad. He is scheduled to return to teach full time on the oral pathology faculty at IU in July 2011.

“ Locally and nationally, Judy Goldblatt was a great ambassador for the IU School of Dentistry and  actively engaged in social and community causes,” said Dr. John N. Williams, IU’s current dean of dentistry.

“Judy’s intelligence and attention to details, her gift for conversation, her joy at meeting and interacting with people, and her caring personality will be remembered by all of us who knew her,” said Dr. Zunt.

Mrs. Goldblatt will be buried in California on April 21. A memorial service will be held in Indianapolis on April 28 at 11 a.m. at Congregation Beth-El Zedeck, 600 W. 70th Street.


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