Improvements to Parking for IU Dentistry Patients


In an effort to improve the experience for patients at Indiana University School of Dentistry, we have made significant changes to the patient parking lot access system.

Patients visiting IUSD will now simply take a paper ticket to raise the gate of the parking lot immediately east of the dental school building. (IUPUI Lot 55)  Patients then bring this ticket in with them during their appointment for validation.  

To exit, patients can simply insert their validated parking ticket into the exit gate. 

This is the same ticket validation system used throughout the IUPUI campus, so when the dental school parking lot is full patients can overflow park in the Vermont Garage or other IUPUI garage and still have their parking validated.

The middle traffic lane to the dental school parking lot had previously been designated an entrance lane.  Due to the projected time savings for entrance under the new ticket system, the middle lane is being converted to an exit lane. 

IUPUI Parking Services has been installing signage around the lot to help with the transition. Please bear with us through any unavoidable service hiccups as we make these improvements. 



Parking FAQ:

1. Who will validate parking for my patient?

All cashiers are able to validate, as well as OCA staff and some others at this time. Please be patient with us as we find the best way to validate with minimal wait time. The exact process may change as we watch patient flow, but for now expect all validations to occur at patient check out.

2. What happens if someone loses their parking ticket?

Signs are posted on the ticket machine telling everyone to keep the ticket with them, and bring inside for validation. In the event a patient loses the ticket, the patient should be escorted to the front information desk.

3. Will the validation tickets "expire"? Some paystations only give you 15 minutes to get out after validation.

Our validations do NOT expire. Patient tickets, once validated, will be good for the one time exit of the lot, even if it is longer than 15 minutes after validation.

4. What about faculty who park in lot 55, will their DS tags still work?

Adjunct faculty who have had an E/M pass programmed to work in the Dental School lot will continue to swipe that tag for lot access. IUPUI tags such as Handicapped tags will still work as well. Volunteer faculty will pull a ticket and bring it in for validation on the days they volunteer. Please see the Assistant to the Chair in your Department for further instructions.

5. What about when the lot is full?

We are able to validate for any IUPUI lot that uses the ticket system. This means that the best option when the lot is full is to park in the Vermont garage. Parking Services will be putting up a sign on the lot indicating that overflow parking will be in Vermont.

6. Will there be someone from Parking Services to help with this transition?

Yes! Parking Services intends to have someone in the lot all of next week to make sure the change goes as smoothly as possible. In addition, IUSD will have someone on call all week.

7. What about others who park in the lot, such as Board Examiners, Board patients, Distance Learning, etc.?

Most of these will pull a ticket and have it validated. Some will continue to use Dental School hangtags, although those will be on a very limited basis. For an answer to your specific non-patient parking question, please email Ashley Ramey.