AADR president and Research Day keynote speaker Jeffrey Ebersole, PhD (at left, with IUSD Associate Dean for Research Domenick Zero) fields questions after his talk on salivary biodiagnostics

Congratulations to the 16 students and faculty whose work in research and teaching was cited for excellence at the IU School of Dentistry’s 19th annual Research Day at the IUPUI Campus Center on April 11.

A highlight of the afternoon program was a presentation by Jeffrey Ebersole, PhD, director of the Center for Oral Health Research at the University of Kentucky and president of the American Association for Dental Research. Dr. Ebersole discussed his work in salivary biodiagnostics, a key area of research of importance to both oral and systemic diseases.

We also congratulate IUPUI student Haili Theriac (primary IUSD faculty mentor Angela Bruzzaniti) and periodontics graduate student Samira Toloue (primary IUSD faculty mentor Steven Blanchard) for the awards they earned at IUPUI’s Research Day on April 8. Ms. Theriac has studied the role of osteoclasts in the biocorrosion of metal implants (poster #20 at IUSD’s Research Day), and Dr. Toloue has compared calcium sulfate to freeze dried bone allograft for ridge preservation (poster #69).

Altogether, 80 posters and six clinical case reports were presented on wide-ranging topics pertinent to the field of dentistry at IUSD Research Day 2011. All of the abstracts are available at


Award recipients, from left: Sary Borzangy, Gabriel Chu, Nicholas Rorick, Emily McCrea, David Zahl, Carol Patel, Ghaeth Yassen, Diana Wu, Olga Isyutina, Jaclyn Ponder, Matt Mason, Haili Theriac, and Pierre Eleniste. Not pictured are Afnan AlZain, Vivian Wahaidi, and Patricia Capps.


INAADR Staff Award for Research Excellence
David ZAHL
Curriculum Development and Clinical Skills Education Specialist
Dental Education
Poster #30: Effectiveness of Multiple Pedagogies in Tobacco Dependence Education with First Year Dental Students
Primary Faculty Mentor: Stuart Schrader, Oral Biology


Procter & Gamble Undergraduate Student Award, 1st Place
IUPUI Student
Poster #20: Role of Osteoclasts in the Biocorrosion of Metal Implants 
Primary Faculty Mentor: Angela Bruzzaniti, Oral Biology


Interschool Traveling Research Award
(a competition among students from the University of Pittsburgh, University of Louisville, University of Detroit Mercy, The Ohio State University, and Case Western Reserve University)

University of Louisville
Poster #38: Cigarette Smoke Extract Promotes Porphyromonas gingivalis Biofilm Formation
Primary Faculty Mentor: David Scott

Interschool Research Award
(a competition among students from the five visiting dental schools and IU)
The Ohio State University
Poster #67: Pyrosequencing Reveals Significant Associations Between Ethnicity and the Subgingival Microbiome
Primary Faculty Mentor: P.S. Kumar

Cyril S. Carr Research Scholarship
Class of 2012

The Carr scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated overall excellence in research at the predoctoral level. Olga Isyutina has long been involved in the IU School of Dentistry’s research program during her studies as a dental student, and she is currently vice president of the Student Research Group. Some of her most recent work was featured in a poster she presented at this year’s Research Day titled “Oral Disease Awareness Evaluation of Medical Professionals in the U.S.” (poster #51; primary faculty mentor Nadim Islam of the Department of Oral Pathology, Medicine, and Radiology).

Procter & Gamble Award for Excellence in Preventive Oral Health Care, 1st Place
Diana WU
Class of 2012
Poster #58: Rotational Tendency Experienced by a Lateral Incisor During Space Closure
Primary Faculty Mentor: Jie Chen, Orthodontics and Oral Facial Genetics

Johnson & Johnson Student Research Group Award, 1st Place
Emily McCREA
Class of 2011
Poster #11: The Effect of FOTI Light Output on Proximal Caries Detection
Primary Faculty Mentor: Andréa Ferreira Zandoná, Preventive and Community Dentistry

American Dental Association/Dentsply International Student Clinician Award, 
1st Place
Class of 2013
Poster #55: Assessment of Microdamage Caused by Mini-implants in Mandible and Maxilla
Primary Faculty Mentor: Sean Liu, Orthodontics and Oral Facial Genetics

Indiana Dental Association Best Clinical Case Report Award
Nicholas RORICK
Class of 2011
Clinical Case #CC1: Conservative Cast Gold Inlay Restoration on a Maxillary First Premolar 
Primary Faculty Mentor: Sopanis Cho, Restorative Dentistry


Delta Dental Award for Innovation in Oral Care Research, 1st Place
PhD Student, Dental Science
Poster #13: Dose-Response Effect of Strontium and Fluoride on Caries Lesion 
Primary Faculty Mentor: Andréa Ferreira Zandoná, Preventive and Community Dentistry

Shofu Graduate Student Award, 1st Place
PhD Student, Dental Science
Poster #18: Ion Release and Water Sorption of Novel Calcium Phosphate Resin
Primary Faculty Mentor: Tien-Min Gabriel Chu, Restorative Dentistry

Maynard K. Hine Award for Excellence in Dental Research
(for Best Research Manuscript)
PhD Degree in Dental Science, 2010
Manuscript: Endotoxemia and the Host Systemic Response During Experimental Gingivitis 
Manuscript accepted by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology)
Primary Faculty Mentor: Michael Kowolik, Periodontics and Allied Dental Programs

Indiana Dental Association Best Clinical Case Report Award, 1st Place
Master’s Degree Student, Prosthodontics
Clinical Case #CC5: Restoring the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion with Removable Partial Denture
Primary Faculty Mentor: John Levon, Restorative Dentistry


Shofu Postdoctoral Fellow Award
Postdoctoral Fellow in Oral Biology
Poster #47: Role of Kalirin in Signaling Events Leading to Osteoclast Resorption Primary Faculty Mentor: Angela Bruzzaniti, Oral Biology


image003.jpg Prof. Capps

IUSD Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching
Patricia CAPPS
Clinical Associate Professor of Dental Assisting and Director of the Distance-Learning Dental Assisting Program

Prof. Capps’ Distinguished Faculty Award is given in part for her pioneering efforts in creating and managing IU’s first distance-learning dental assisting program and the first such program in Indiana. A member of IU’s dental assisting faculty since 1997, originally part time, Prof. Capps transitioned to full time when she accepted an appointment as director of the campus dental assisting program in 2001. During her tenure she worked with her colleagues to design the school’s first half-time program in dental assisting.

At the end of 2005, she stepped down from that administrative post to accept the challenge of building from scratch a distance-learning program designed to draw non-traditional students into the field and to help ease shortages in the practicing community. The distance-learning program replaced the half-time program in 2007.

In addition to managing the online coursework, Prof. Capps works with private practice dentists from around the state to provide a variety of clinical experiences for the distance learners, who typically have family and work obligations in addition to college or who live too far from one of the state’s dental assisting programs to commute. Graduating its first class of 12 students in 2008, the program offers an outstanding alternative educational setting for students who are not able to participate in a traditional campus program.

Prof. Capps chairs the Dental Assisting Section of the American Dental Education Association and serves on the board of directors for the Dental Assisting National Boards. She is a past president of the Indiana Dental Assistants Association.

image004.jpg Dr.  Chu

IUSD Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award for Research 
Tien-Min Gabriel CHU
Associate Professor of Dental Biomaterials and Director of the Dental Biomaterials Graduate Program

When Dr. Chu joined IUSD’s full-time faculty in Restorative Dentistry in 2007, he brought to his IUSD position an extensive education in dental science as well as dentistry. After earning a dental degree at Kaohsiung Medical College in Taiwan, he completed a joint PhD degree program in biomaterials, and materials and engineering, at the University of Michigan. At Michigan he also completed a postdoctoral research fellowship and served as an assistant research scientist in the College of Engineering.

When Dr. Chu came to IUPUI as a professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in 2003, he showed a keen interest in multidisciplinary research and collaboration. His work with our school began that year with his appointment to Dentistry’s adjunct restorative dentistry faculty. At the same time, he was also working as an adjunct professor with the medical school’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Light-curing dental composites and bone tissue engineering are among Dr. Chu’s key research areas of interest. In the past decade he has been awarded several U.S. patents, and he is the co-inventor of a biodegradable device for use in bone regeneration. He has co-written more than a dozen journal articles since his arrival on IUSD’s full-time faculty four years ago, including studies published this year in Osteoporosis International and in 2010 in such scientific publications as Oral DiseasesClinical Oral Implant ResearchJournal of Orthopedic Trauma,and the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.