Dental School Sailors Win Jawz Heat at IUPUI Regatta

Dental School Sailors, from left: Allison Scully D’15, Austin Starr D’14, Bryan Braasch D’14, Shane Harmon D’14, team captain Chris Kumfer D’12, faculty member Larry Garetto, and Ewelina Ciula D’13. Photo by Tim Centers.

Captain Chris Kumfer led the Dental School Sailors into the Jawz heat, the second to the last race of IUPUI's third annual Regatta on Saturday, Sept. 24. The heat, which is named for one of the IUPUI Jaguars’ two mascots, was populated by the 9th to 16th fastest teams in an impressive Regatta field of 96 competitors.

Showing both skill and acumen, the Sailors deftly moved from the 8th position at the start of the heat to the winning spot at the end – they were not just out in front in the final moments, but a comfy distance ahead of everyone else.

Congratulations to rowers Chris Kumfer, Austin Starr, Bryan Braasch, and Shane Harmon and their expert at-the-ready on-shore crew Allison Scully, Ewelina Ciula, and Larry Garetto. Wear those medals with pride, Sailors. And promise us you’ll be back next year!

Dentistry showed off plenty of speed at Regatta ’11 – we had not one but two teams in the final heat involving the 8 fastest teams: Fantastic effort, Kavity Killas (captain Steve Powell and fellow rowers Matt Backs, Matt Rowe, and Brandon Scheer with shore crew Dave Fickas) and Darting Drillers (captain Matt Wilson with fellow rowers Ryan Hirschi, Brad Hobson, and Dane Mishler). The Killas crossed the victory line in 5th position and the Drillers in 6th.

All 8 of Dentistry’s teams were dazzling, as were the Kids Club volunteers who chatted up hundreds of Regatta goers who visited Dentistry’s Gold Sponsor tent: Kara Czarkowski, Sarah Blanchard, Brenda Bui, Melinda Landwerlen, Lauren Mummert, Alexandria Schwei, and Nathan Stanley.

Thanks, too, to photographer Tim Centers and videographer Terry Wilson for covering the action.  See you on the canal in 2012!