Team Dentistry dominates IUPUI's 2012 Regatta: Kavity Killas are #1 


Dental School Kavity Killers, from left: handler Adam Elsner, 4th year dental student; and rowers Matt Rowe (DDS'10), periodontics grad student; alumnus Steve Powell (DDS'10, M'12 Orthodontics); team captain Austin Starr, 3rd year dental student; and alumnus Matt Rasche (DDS'09, M'11 Pediatric Dentistry)

The IU School of Dentistry had the teams to beat at IUPUI's 2012 Regatta, held Sept. 22 on the canal in downtown Indianapolis.

With six teams in a field of 112 in this annual event for IUPUI students, faculty, staff, and alumni, the dental school brought home three of the top prizes, including overall fastest team.

Congratulations to the Dental School Kavity Killas, who rowed themselves into the IUPUI Regatta record books as the overall winners for 2012 with the fastest team in the finals heat (7:13.300 minutes). The Killas were also recognized as the fastest men’s team.

The slowest canoe to finish the half mile relay competition this year took 20:40.700 minutes to navigate the course.

Trailing behind the Killas by only 18 seconds in the finals were the Dental School Darting Drillers – their time of 7:31.100 earned them honors as Regatta 2012’s second place winners.

This is the first top win for the Kavity Killas, who have earned a reputation as one the race's most skilled and dedicated teams. They've competed in the Regatta since its creation in fall 2009. The Darting Drillers competed for the first time in 2011 and have quickly shown they are a formidable competitor.

With eight boats in each preliminary heat, the Dental School Luxators finished third in their heat,  the Dental School Jaw Breakers finished second in theirs, the Dental School Dental Dam finished fifth in theirs, and the Dental School Odontoblasts finished fourth in theirs. All six teams completed the race, finishing in places 1, 2, 30, 37, 68, and 98 in the 112-team line-up.

Proceeds from the Regatta are used to provide scholarships for IUPUI students.

The Dental School Darting Drillers took 2nd place in the IUPUI campus relay competition: team captain Matt Wilson with rowers Brooks Green and Dane Mishler, all 2nd year dental students. Not pictured is rower and classmate Brad Hobson.