White Coat Ceremony Welcomes 100 New Dental Students to IU

Less than one month after embarking on their education in dentistry at Indiana University, young men and women from 16 states and four nations gathered in Indianapolis to take the professional oath of Dentistry and to receive a white coat that will serve as a symbol of professionalism for them throughout their careers in healthcare.


The IU School of Dentistry White Coat Ceremony was held for the 100 members of the Doctor of Dental Surgery Class of 2014 before a capacity audience of the students’ family and friends at University Place Conference Center on Aug. 7. The students began their first semester in the four-year program on July 12.

Dr. John N. Williams, dean of the IU School of Dentistry, opened the White Coat Ceremony by welcoming the students and congratulating them on their acceptance into IU’s dental degree program. “You will carry the tenets of professionalism with you throughout your education and your careers,” he said.

An overall commitment to excellence, a devotion to quality care, and putting others above self are examples of these tenets, said Dean Williams. Dedication to one’s patients, he added, means providing treatment to them “as if you were treating a loved one.”

The IU School of Dentistry established the White Coat Ceremony in 2001 as a means of underscoring the importance of ethics and professionalism in dentistry for incoming students at the outset of their dental studies. The jacket-length coats have the school’s name embroidered in red thread above the breast pocket.






Dean John Williams

For the 2010 ceremony Dean Williams introduced keynote speaker Richard E. Jones (DDS’75, M’78 Prosthodontics), chair of the Indiana Section of the American College of Dentists and a noted ethicist in the Hoosier state’s dental community. He practiced in Munster, Ind., for 30 years, until 2008, and he has chaired the Indiana Dental Association’s Council on Peer Review for more than two decades.

Describing himself as “wealthy in every important sense of the word,” Dr. Jones spoke of his wonderful family life, his special friendships with peers and former patients, and a rewarding, multifaceted profession that has made it possible for him to help thousands of people, to gain respect as a leader in his community, and to earn an outstanding living.

In his address to the students Dr. Jones said success lies in finding one’s ethical center, or core identity; using one’s personal core values for every decision in life; and maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual balance in life.

“Adhere to our professional ethics for the benefit of all,” Dr.  Jones said. “Use your personal core values to answer all the questions in your life. Write your goals now and follow them. You can preplan your life for intentional success. You will achieve success beyond your dreams, but not by accident; it will be on purpose.”






Dr. Richard Jones

Dr. Jones congratulated the students for selecting a career path in dentistry, a profession he called “a sacred trust and a great gift.”

Each member of the DDS Class of 2014 was then called to the stage to be coated. Assisting Dean Williams and Dr. Jones in the ceremony were Dr. Steven E. Dixon, representing the IU School of Dentistry faculty; Dr. Matthew C. Moeller, president of Theta Theta Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon national dental honor society; and Dr. Martin R. Szakaly, president of the Indiana Dental Association.

The new class, which was drawn from an international applicant pool of 1,667 persons, is composed of 70 Indiana residents and 30 nonresidents. The nonresidents are from Kenya (1 ), South Korea (1), and Canada (5) as well as California (2), Illinois (4), North Carolina (2), Texas (2), Utah (3), and one student each from Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The average age is 24 years old for this class of 56 men and 44 women. A total of 61 of the new students completed their undergraduate work at Indiana colleges and universities, including 26 who studied at one of IU’s eight campuses. Twenty of the students hold a master’s degree in addition to their baccalaureate training.

Academic averages for the Class of 2014 are 3.60 grade point average for overall studies (scale of 4.0) and 3.55 grade point average in science.

Although the majority of the incoming class pursued traditional predental majors of biology (55) or chemistry (13), other college majors reflect a class with wide-ranging interests such as computer engineering, environmental studies, film/cinema, finance, graphic design, and Spanish.












Class of 2014 member Doris Lin and Dean Williams


Indiana University School of Dentistry

Doctor of Dental Surgery Class of 2014

Hani Ahdab 
Saba Ahmed 
Dalia Al-Azzawi 
Austin N. Baker 
Kelly M. Barry 
Scott M. Bassett 
Jeffrey M. Batesole 
Nicole M. Beeler 
Sonia M. Bennett 
Marc A. Blackburn 
Emilia J. Blaser 
Megan R. Booe 
Bryan D. Braasch 
Brenda Bui 
Bryan D. Burrows 
Gregory M. Butler 
Nicholas J. Catton 
Hah Neul Choi 
Christopher Coffey 
Nathan A. Corn 
Danielle M. Cory 
Jeffrey D. Croarkin 
Brittany E. Curnutt 
Kayla M. Dawson 
Tatiana de Bedout 
John R. Emhardt 
Kenneth A. Engle 
Bradley J. Farley 
Brett R. Finkelmeier 
Garrett A. Fiorenza 
Haley L. Frame 
Shaun J. Freeman 
Maya A. Gendlin 
Alysha R. Gliszczynski 
Brittany M. Green 
Shane L. Harmon 
Bryce S. Haslam 
David H. Heath 
Daniel M. Henricksen 
Trevor D. Hess 
Jillian J. Hodge 
Jason D. Hua 
Jordon C. Jacobs 
Thomas G. Jahnke 
Isaiah I. Jernberg 
Gabrielle M. Johnson 
Steven W. Kellett 
Abdul Khan 
Sara M. Khan 
Nabeel A. Kheiri 
Brian P. Kramer 
Theodore J. Kula 
Melinda S. Landwerlen 
Whitney K. Laverty 
Samuel M. Leggitt 
Jennifer M. Leist 
Doris J. Lin 
Tara N. Lueders 
Nicole J. Manigault 
Allison K. Marlow 
Nathan S. Martin 
Rick A. McAdams 
Lucy J. McCommas 
Michael A. Merkley 
Robert I. Miskimen 
William G. Moll 
Cassandra N. Myer 
Jennifer A. Neese 
Thuy T. Nguyen 
Stella W. Njenga 
Jenna R. Oberley 
Se Hun Oh 
Varsha Padmanabhan 
Neal H. Patel 
Kyle W. Ragsdale 
Patricia R. Ramsay 
Tyler J. Richey 
Brian T. Rochford 
Julia C. Sadove 
Chelsea L. Schafer 
David L. Severe 
Pragya Sharma 
Mohammad Spouh 
Daniel J. Stackowicz 
Austin C. Starr 
Stephanie R. Steele 
Charlene M. Steiner 
Faye C. Stokes 
Louis M. Stumpf 
Jeffrey A. Taylor 
Kyle J. Thompson 
Jeffrey D. Tjan 
Candice R. Toloday 
Alex C. Troxel 
Mitchell L. Troyer 
Thuy L. Vazquez 
John J. Wadas, IV 
Shuo Wang 
Jerry L. Westover 
David C. Wood

August 10, 2010