Indiana University School of Dentistry

Adverse Weather Closings Policy


When adverse weather conditions arise, we must make decisions that are mindful of our mission as well as the safety and wellbeing of our faculty, staff, students and clinic patients.

Because the majority of our dental services are elective, IUSD follows the weather closing policies of the IUPUI campus. When IUPUI is closed, IUSD is closed. The IUPUI policy addresses safety concerns as well as employee-related compensation issues. The IUPUI Adverse Weather Policy can be found on the Campus Human Resource Pages.

IUSD pre-doctoral and allied health students assigned to clinics outside the dental school (e.g. Trinity Clinic, SEAL Indiana) are excused when IUSD is closed. Essential services will continue and those affected employees will communicate with their supervisors to determine their work schedules. Patients will be notified of appointment cancellations through the IUSD Televox system.

Exceptions to this policy will be rare and will be communicated by the IUSD Dean or his designee.

This policy will be included in the IU School of Dentistry Student Handbook and the Indiana University School of Dentistry Faculty Handbook

December 2018