Graduate Programs

Ph.D. Program

The Indiana University School of Dentistry offers a graduate program leading to a Ph.D. in Dental Sciences with specialization in Dental Biomaterials.  Subspecialty areas within dental biomaterials include dental ceramics, polymers in dentistry, metals in dentistry, and biomechanics.

This program is designed for individuals who have background in either engineering or dentistry. Candidates who have background in both fields, i.e., Bachelors in Materials or Mechanical Engineering and a DMD or a DDS degree, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested individuals can apply to the Ph.D. track program in Dental Biomaterials and to a certificate or masters degree program in one of the clinical specialties of Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Operative Dentistry, and Orthodontics. Interested individuals should apply to each program separately. Applicants may receive admittance to the Ph.D. program, however their admittance to a clinical specialty program will be conditional based on graduation from the Ph.D. program.

Graduates of this program will be equipped with expertise to pursue an academic career in the field of dentistry, materials engineering and biomedical engineering. Additional opportunities are available to graduates who are planning to pursue a career in the Dental Materials industry.

Specific questions related to application, curriculum, requirements, tuition and financial aid should be directed to Dr. Tien-Min Gabriel Chu.

M.S.D. and M.S. Programs

The Dental Materials Division offers both a M.S.D. and a M.S. graduate degree in Dental Materials.  Students accepted for this program work toward fulfilling requirements for the Master of Science in Dentistry degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry or for a Master of Science degree from the Graduate School at Indiana University.  Individuals who have an undergraduate dental degree may elect either degree program.  Those who do not have a dental degree would be enrolled in the Master of Science program in the Indiana University Graduate School.

The program consists of didactic courses in Dental Materials and in one of the graduate clinical specialty areas along with core courses in basic dental sciences for those electing the M.S.D. program.  Students in the M.S.D. program normally minor in one of the restorative dentistry specialties.  Students without dental degrees can minor in a basic science or one of the fields of engineering available at the University.  In addition, a research project is conducted which culminates in a thesis acceptable by the appropriate graduate committee and/or school.  The program is normally 24 months in duration beginning July 1 for  the M.S.D. program or in mid-August at the start of the academic year for the M.S.S.

Specific questions related to application, curriculum, requirements, tuitions and financial aid should be directed to Dr.Marco Bottino.


Lewis Lorton
Mark Beatty
Jeffrey Platt
Solomon Fainsilber
Jana Almeida 
Jim Setcos
Patrick Naylor
David Charlton
Gary Crim
E. Steven Duke
 Nels Ewoldsen

Andres Guzman
Steven Haug
Azza Hashem
Cesar Pareja
Clyde Roggenkamp
Ya-Hui Tsai
Yiming Li
Marilia Sly
Iphigenia Katsilieri
Mohammed Al-Shammari