Laura M. Romito, DDS, MS, MBA

Laura M. Romito, DDS, MS, MBA
Laura M. Romito, DDS, MS, MBA

Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical and Applied Sciences
Associate Professor and Director, Nicotine Dependence Program
Associate Director for Faculty Development and Curriculum, Interprofessional Practice & Education Center, Indiana University

Contact Info

Phone  (317) 278-6210
Fax        (317) 278-1411

Office Address

Indiana University School of Dentistry
Department of Biomedical and Applied Sciences
1121 W. Michigan Street, Room 235
Indianapolis, Indiana  46202


Papers Published in Refereed Journals

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Research Interest

Interprofessional Practice and Education and Health Promotion. Specific areas of interest include addictions, tobacco dependence education, clinical tobacco dependence treatment, patient safety, nutrition, integration of clinical and biomedical sciences, and collaborative practice and education across professions.