Stuart M. Schrader, PhD

Stuart M. Schrader, PhD
Stuart M. Schrader, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Indiana University School of Dentistry
Executive Director, Oral Health Care for Cancer Patient Foundation Project
Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Indiana University School of Social Work

Contact Info

(317 )274-0007 (Phone)
(317) 278-1411 (Fax)

Office Address

Indiana University School of Dentistry
Department of Biomedical and Applied Sciences
1121 W. Michigan Street, Room DS B26
Indianapolis, IN  46202

Sample Publications: 

Christman, A., Schrader, S., Vanchit, J., Zunt, S., Maupome, G., Prakasam, S. (2014).
Designing a safety checklist for dental implant placement. Journal of the American Dental Association. 145(2), 131-140.
Romito, L., Schrader, S. & Zahl, D. (2014). Using experiential learning and OSCEs
to teach and assess tobacco dependence education with first-year dental students. Journal of Dental Education. 47(4), 703-713.
Hansen, V., Shih-Yao Liu, S., Schrader, S., Dean, J. & Stewart, K. (September 2013).
Personality as a predictor of willingness to undergo various orthodontic treatments. The Angle Orthodontist. 83(5), Online Journal. Retrieved
Olabi, N.F., Jones, JE., Saxen, MA., Sander, BJ., Walker, LA, Weddell, JA., Schrader, SM., &
Tomlin, AM. (2102). The use of office-based sedation and general anesthesia by board certified pediatric practicing in the United States. Anesthesia Prog. 59(1), 12-17.
Schrader, S., Deering, E., Zahol, D., & Wallace, M. (2011). Visually storying living
with HIV: Bridging stressors and supports in accessing care. Health Education
Research. 26(4), 638-652.
Schrader, S., Shapiro, A., Zahl, D., Zunt, S., & Deering, E. (2011). A civically engaged reciprocal learning process in dental education. In Julie Hatcher & Robert Bringle, ( Eds.). Understanding service-learning and community engagement: Crossing boundaries through research. Advances in Service-Learning Research; RMC Research Corp. Denver.
Maupome, G., Schrader, S., Mannan, S., Garetto, L., & Eggertsson, H., (2010).
Diagnostic thinking and information used in clinical decision-making: a qualitative study of expert and student dental clinicians. BMC Oral Health, 10(1).
Gergen, K., Schrader, S., Gergen, M. (2010). (Eds.) Constructing worlds together:
Interpersonal communication as relational process. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon

Research Interests

Dental and medical education, OSCEs, (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), relationship centered dental/medical health care, clinician-patient communication, and access to oral health care issues for cancer survivors/patients, people living with HIV/AIDS, people living with special needs and underserved children.

Click HERE for more information about the Oral Health Care for Cancer Patient Foundation Project