Oral-Systemic Inflammation Risk



Epidemiological studies have demonstrated a positive statistical association between oral infections and systemic inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Main Goal

To link risk for systemic inflammation to total dental plaque mass and genetic predisposition.

Specific Goals

  • Establish the link between total dental plaque mass and risk for systemic infection and inflammation at the molecular and genetic level.
  • Identify a population at increased risk for oral-associated systemic inflammation and design proper intervention strategies.

Funded Projects

  • Dental plaque and associated inflammation in canine periodontal disease (2012-2013)
  • Periodontitis and bacterial translocation in HIV (2011-2012)
  • Dental plaque as a risk factor in CHD (2004-2008)

Pending Projects

  • Impact of race and gender on oral-systemic disease risk
  • The dog as a model for oral-systemic disease research
  • Dental plaque-associated systemic inflammation in Hispanic and Caucasian gingivitis patients

For program information please contact Drs. Galli or Kowolik.

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