About DCD

Indiana University School of Dentistry has a long tradition of community service and involvement with dental public health. The Division of Community of Dentistry was created within the Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry and was given the responsibility of expanding educational and research programs and integrating community service and dental public health activities into a service-learning methodology.

IUSD is an integral part of the community, so it is appropriate and natural for the school to interact with its neighbors and to strive to be a good citizen.  IUSD is aware of the need to share its expertise with the community—but it is increasingly aware that the diversity of the population in Indiana has a wealth of information to teach dental professionals.  The community offers opportunities for students and faculty to learn about the characteristics, health practices and health needs of people from specific populations, with various disabilities, and of differing age group and cultures.

Community service, when linked with educational objectives:

  • Enhances the standard curriculum by extending learning beyond the lecture hall
  • Fosters civic and social responsibility
  • Allows students to apply what they have learned to real world situations
  • Identifies and attempts to meet community needs

Agencies, institutions or individuals interested in discussing developing service-learning programs in cooperation with IUSD are invited to contact the Division Director.