Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Community Dentistry (DCD) of the Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry is to:

  • Engage students in progress toward achieving competence in dental public health skills
  • Lead IUSD faculty, students, and staff toward fulfilling IUSD's responsibility to communities in Indiana
  • Provide information for students and faculty on the function of public and private agencies related to health
  • Provide experiential education, linked with community service and course objectives, which cannot be provided in a traditional classroom or clinical setting
  • Enable student service, reflection and action in the community, among diverse population groups
  • Promote interdisciplinary community based research
  • Be recognized by the community and professionals as essential for the improvement and maintenance of oral and general health

Vision Statement

Improving community oral health leadership through:

  • Vision
  • Collaboration
  • Action
  • Perseverance


  • Develop public health competencies in undergraduate and graduate students
  • Promote the development of service-learning as an experiential learning methodology
  • Develop IUSD's capacity to interact with the community for the purpose of reducing disparities in access to oral health care and improving oral and general health for all
  • Promote interdisciplinary service, learning and research which involves dentistry, other health professions and diverse academic disciplines, including the Indiana University School of Medicine Master of Public Health (MPH) Program, which have impact on health policy and community development
  • Enhance visibility of IUSD's community service and learning
  • Secure funding for the Division of Community Dentistry and for community based programs