Compliance Office

Indiana University School of Dentistry is committed to conducting business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. As we move forward to become one of the best Dental Schools for the 21st Century, the Compliance Office at IUSD is committed to being a resource in fulfilling the promise of our mission. At Indiana University School of Dentistry we are both an educational institution and a healthcare facility. Therefore, compliance is an essential component to ensure fulfillment of our responsibilities to protect patients’ rights and interests in their healthcare.

The Compliance Office of IUSD, under the direction of the Compliance and Privacy Officer audits, monitors, assists, and oversees IUSD in its efforts to raise awareness regarding legal and ethical issues; improve compliance training; and ensure adherence to the highest standards of conduct. It is our commitment to follow federal and state laws and uphold the standards of our professional.

The Compliance Office of IUSD is guided by Indiana University’s Principles of Ethical Conduct. The Principles of Ethical Conduct is the foundation of the Compliance Program at Indiana University. The Principles promote self-governance, best practices, transparency, and a commitment to integrity throughout Indiana University. IUSD is dedicated to following those principles.

Indiana University has also developed a Health Sciences Compliance Plan to establish the framework where compliance with the laws and institutional policies are applicable with health sciences schools. At IUSD the Compliance Office will have an active role in seeing that the objectives of IU Health Sciences Compliance Plan are promoted at IUSD. More information is available on the University Compliance Program can be found at the University - Wide Compliance Program website along with additional details of their mission and commitments at Indiana University.

Everyone at IUSD is an important contributor to our mission. We all share the responsibility to provide excellent patient care, teach, and support our commitment to becoming one of the best Dental Schools for the 21st Century. The IUSD Compliance Office is here as a resource and to offer assistance in reaching that mission.