HIPAA Training

The IUSD Compliance Office serves as a resource to the Dental School Community. An essential duty of our office is the responsibility to educate and assist you with the complex regulatory environment. Education and training is critical not only to new employees but to all existing members of the IUSD community. Under direction of Indiana University’s Health Sciences Compliance Plan, the IUSD Compliance Office is responsible for ensuring that everyone receives required compliance training. This training is to help community members understand their compliance responsibilities, compliance related policies/procedures and any regulations that impact or may impact IU.

The IUSD Compliance Office provides HIPAA and Compliance Training that must be completed annually and is due by July 1 of every calendar year. Students and residents are also required to receive annual compliance training throughout their enrollment at IUSD. The training includes clinical, educational, and /or operational initiatives that are necessary to address specific compliance risks or requirements at IUSD.

New members to the IUSD Community are required to obtain HIPAA and Compliance training at orientation within the first 90 days of their onboarding. As a new member you can expect to be contacted by the IUSD Compliance Office or to be scheduled to attend a training session by Human Resources personnel. Job specific Compliance Training will be provided to employees as necessary to educate them on additional risks issues applicable to their role at IUSD.

It is important to check your email, as most notifications will be sent to that email address.