Reporting a Concern

It is important to emphasize that every member of IUSD has an important role to play whether you are a student, faculty or staff member. The IUSD Compliance Office encourages every individual to take a part in compliance from knowing and following the various laws, regulations, and policies of the University to reporting any incident you are aware of that could be considered noncompliance.

Compliance issues relate to situations, activities, and transactions that could violate federal, state laws and regulations and/or violate IU’s policies. Examples include and are not limited to violations associated with research, fraudulent financial activities, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment, discrimination, information security, health/safety, environmental fraud, financial reporting and controls, etc.

One of the functions of the IUSD Compliance Office is to investigate and respond to reported compliance concerns at the School of Dentistry. It is critical that all faculty, staff and students understand that they each share in the responsibility of compliance. In the event that you may have compliance concerns or issues, contact the IUSD Compliance Office for assistance, clarification or additional information.


Indiana University prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a report in good faith. The IU Whistleblower Policy protects any Indiana University employees or other members of Indiana University who make a good faith report of a compliance concern.