Graduate Preventive Dentistry Curriculum (MSD)

The entire curriculum is under continual review and improvement based on evolving accreditation standards, as well as input from residents and faculty. Periodically it is necessary to change the content and sequence of courses to benefit the program. 

Core & Major Courses

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G907 Clinical Oral Pathology Conference I 1
G909 Clinical Oral Pathology Conference I I 1
G948 Advanced Radiology 2
R955 Graduate Oral Biology I 2.5
R909 Advanced Preventive Dentistry I 3
R910 Advanced Preventive Dentistry II 3
R911 Advanced Preventive Dentistry III 2
G910 Seminar: Preventive Dentistry Total of 4
G930 Research: Preventive Dentistry Total of 6
G660 Clinical Research Methods 2
G959 Oral Microbiology 3
G651 Introduction to Bio-Statistics I 3

Minor Courses

A minor concentration in operative dentistry or public health requires a minimum of six credit hours in the chosen area of concentration.


Additional Requirements

A rotation through Seal Indiana in the Summer between Yr1 and Yr2 - Minimum of 4 days.

Minimal of 10 half-days shadowing per semester of faculty in the pre-doctoral clinic.