Application Process

To be considered for an externship within the Indiana University Oral Surgery Division, you must be in your third or fourth year of Dental School. Students must also have completed the introductory didactic lectures in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The student should submit the following items to the department..

  • Letter of intent indicating dates when you would like to participate in the externship

  • Current CV or resume

  • Letter of understanding

  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty of the OMFS department

  • Letter from your Dental School indicating that you are enrolled in good standing. This letter must also provide permission from your institution certifying that your visit will not interfere with your regular curriculum

  • Provide proof of liability insurance coverage (malpractice)

  • Certification of HBV immunization, TB testing, HIPAA instruction and infection control instruction if the visiting student will be in any clinical facility where patients are treated.  Documentation that the visiting student has health insurance is also required whether or not the student will be in clinical facilities.

    We take Dental Students on a first come first serve basis so we recommend that you submit your application materials in the early spring. 

    All interested applicants contact:

             Indiana University Dept. of Oral Surgery & Hospital Dentistry
             Attn: Residency Coordinator
             550 N. University Blvd., UH3145
             Indianapolis, IN  46202