MSD Orthodontics Requirements

The entire curriculum is under continual review and improvement based on evolving accreditation standards, as well as input from residents and faculty. Periodically it is necessary to change the content and sequence of courses to benefit the program.

Core Courses

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G910 Biostatistics 1
G907 Clinical Oral Pathology Conference I 1
G909 Clinical Oral Pathology Conference II 1
G948 Advanced Radiology 2
R955 Graduate Oral Biology I 2.5

Major Courses

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G905 Bone Physiology, Imaging and Implant Anchorage 2
G910 Literature Review Seminar 1
G910 Biomechanics Lit Review Total of 2
G910 Clinical Seminar I and II Total of 2
G910 Cran-Mand Disorder/Facial Pain 1
G910 Craniofacial Physiology 1
G910 Orthodontic Grand Rounds Total of 4
G910 Multidisciplinary Seminar Total of 3
G910 Orthodontic Seminar (ABO Reading List) Total of 2
G910 Orthodontics Materials 1
G910 Orthodontic Seminar (ABO Case Work-up Seminar) Total of 2
G910 Orthodontics Materials 1
G910 Orthodontic Practice Management 1
G927 Research: Orthodontics Total of 6
G947 Cephalometrics 1
G958 Biomechanics  2
G960 Advanced Orthodontic Clinic Total of 6
G963 Advanced Orthodontic Technique I and II 2
G964 Dento Facial Analysis 2
R916 Scientific Writing Total of 8
R924 Retention & Post-Retention Analysis 2
R932 Speech & Craniofacial Anomalies 1
R934 Surgical Orthodontics Seminar I 1
R935 Surgical Orthodontics Seminar II 1
R942 Management of Temporomandibular Disorders and Occlusion 2
R943 Management of TMJ Clinic 4
R944 Graduate Craniofacial Growth & Dev I 2
R947 Mixed Dentition Seminar  
R949 Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy 3

Non-Credit Courses
Special Clinic Seminars – Orthodontics


The minor concentration requires a minimum of six credit hours, selected from one of the following groups:

Dental Materials

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G911 Dental Materials Science and Engineering 2
G912 Properties and Test Methods: Dental Materials 2
G913 Clinical Application of Dental Materials 2

Oral Pathology

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G905 Bone Physiology, Imaging and Implant Anchorage 2
G976 Advanced Oral Pathology I 2
G977 Advanced Oral Pathology II 2

Dental Education

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
C675 Supervised College Teaching 2-3
P566 Instructional Development 2-3

Life Science:  (By arrangement with department involved and subject to approval by Program Director)

Elective Courses

Course #Course TitleCredit Hours
G974 Advance Nutrition 2
G944 Principles of Gnathology 2

Required Rotations:   James W. Riley Hospital Craniofacial Anomalies Clinic - 3 semesters