Ph.D. Oral Biology Track

Oral Biology Track Core Curriculum:

Course Credits:  (44 credits minimum, composed of 32 required and 12 minor credits)

Required Courses:  32 credits minimum

Biochemistry (3-5 credits):

B500   Introduction to Biochemistry (3 cr.) or

B800   Medical Biochemistry (3 cr.) and

G817   Eukaryotic Cell Biology (2 cr.)

Microbiology (3 credits):

J822     General & Medical Microbiology (3 cr.) or

J510     Infectious Microbes & Host Interactions (3 cr.) or

J805     Molecular Immunology (3 cr.)

 General Graduate (16 credits):

G651   Introduction to Biostatistics I (3 cr.)

G504   Introduction to Research Ethics (2 cr.) or

G505   Responsible Conduct of Research (1 cr.)

G865   Fundamental Molecular Biology (3 cr.)

G655   Research Communications Seminar (2 cr.; take in spring of 2nd year)

J500     Instruction in the Context of Curriculum (Educ.; 3 cr.; take in first year) or

608      Measurement Theory and Data Interpretation (Psy; 3 cr.) or

R503   Instructional Media Applications (Educ.; 3 cr.)

Dental/Oral Biology (10-15 credits):

G910   Seminar: Preventive Dentistry or

R959   Seminar: Oral Biology (one semester each year, 1 cr each)

R956   Current Topics in Oral Biology (4 cr)        

Research Credits:  46 minimum

Laboratory Rotations - R957 Introduction to Research in Oral Biology course; at least three separate rotations (2-4 months each) conducting a small project in the laboratories of members of the Indiana University graduate faculty, which will be graded.  The three rotations must be completed by the end of the first year of the Program.  Students in all tracks will enroll in this course one time.  It is expected that the student will choose a dissertation advisor (mentor) from among these members of the faculty (3 cr.)

Laboratory Research - R958 Research: Oral Biology (1-12 cr. hrs/semester) - begin after completeing Laboratory Rotations.

G901 Dissertation Research - (once 90 total credits have been accumulated in the appropriate areas, students may enroll in this course for a maximum of 6 semesters until the dissertation is complete).  Students must be enrolled for at least one credit hour each semester.