Ph.D. Preventive Dentistry Track

Preventive Dentistry Track Core Curriculum:

Course Credits: (52 credits minimum, composed of 40 required and 12 minor credits)

Required Courses: 40 credits minimum

DENT-R 909 Advanced Preventive Dentistry I (3 cr.)
DENT-R 910 Advanced Preventive Dentistry II (3 cr.)
DENT-R 911 Advanced Preventive Dentistry III (2 cr.)
DENT-G 974 Advanced Nutrition (2 cr.)
DENT-G 959 Graduate Oral Microbiology (3 cr.)

Courses from the following list can be used to complete the total hours required for the major subject:

PATH-C 607 General Pathology (5 cr.)
DENT-G 900 Advanced Oral Histology adn Embryology (2 cr.)
DENT-G 905 Bone Physiology, Imaging and Implant Anchorage (2 cr.)
DENT-G 965 Histology and Pathology of athe Periodontium (4 cr.)
DENT-G 911 Dental Materials Science and Engineering (3 cr.)
DENT-G 967 Advanced Periodontics (4 cr.)
DENT-G 973 Vitamins, Mineral Metabolism and Hormones (2 cr.)
DENT-R 953 Biotechniques Methods and Instrumentation in Dentistry (3 cr.)

General Graduate (13 credits):

GRAD-G 651 Introduction to Biostatistics I (3 cr.)
GRAD-G 504 Introduction to Research Ethics (2 cr.) or
GRAD-G 505 Responsible Conduct of Research (1 cr)
GRAD-G 655 Research Communications Seminar (2 cr.; take in spring of second year)
EDUC-J 500  Instruction in the Context of Curriculum (3 cr.; take in first year) or
PSY        608 Neasurement Theory and Data Interpretation (3 cr.) or
EDUC-R 503 Instrucutional Media Application (3 cr)

Dental/Oral Biology (10-15 credits)

DENT-G 910 Seminar: Preventive Dentistry or
DENT-R 959 Seminar: Oral Biology (one semester each year, 1 cr. each)
DENT-R 956 Current Topics in Oral Biology (4 cr.) - (2 semesters, 4 cr. each)

Required dental sciences courses for non-dental Preventive Dentistry track applicants:  Applicants without a dental degree may apply for the Preventive Dentistry Track but are required to take the following courses in the first two years of their program:

DENT-G 981 Principles of Restorative Dentistry (3 cr.)
DENT-G 969 Advanced Didactic Dental Diagnostic Sciences (2 cr.)
DENT-G 988 Principles of Periodontics (2 cr.)
DENT-G 935 Dental Pediatrics (2 cr.)