US Applicants

Supplemental items for US applicants applying directly to the following IUSD Graduate Programs:


Applicants to the cariology operative dentistry and dental materials programs are required to complete the university online application.    The following items may be uploaded to the university online application:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) - A CV is a type of resume, most often used in academia that provides a summary of one's personal accomplishments, goals, professional achievements, research background and employment history.
  • A personal statement may be uploaded to the university online application or mailed with supplemental materials. The personal statement should be up to 500 words in length.  In your own words, describe experiences that have shaped your interest in our program.  Outline your professional goals; immediate and long term.  In your personal statement, it is imperative that you cite your sources, if you include any statements or quotes that are not your original thought.
  • IUSD Supplemental Question   You may submit the supplemental question form with supplemental documentation or upload the form to the online application.

Letters of recommendation - Two letters of recommendation are required from professional sources that can provide an unbiased critical assessment of your abilities, skills and strengths and weaknesses and comment on your qualifications for graduate dental study.  Examples of professional and academic sources are academic advisors, professors, and clinical instructors.  They should not be requested from a non-academic person unless you have extensive work experience with that individual and/or you have been away from academic institutions for some time. Letters of recomemendation should be submitted through the online application system.    Please list evaluator's name and email address on the online application.  Each evaluator will be sent an e-evaluation form.

Please send the following supplemental materials to:

Indiana University School of Dentistry
Office of Graduate Education
1121 W Michigan Street, Room 280B
Indianapolis, IN  46202

Applicants to all other specialty programs apply via PASS    Check specific graduate program for supplemental items that need to be sent directly to the IUSD Office of Graduate Education.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Education