T740-T750 - Dental Sciences III, Part I and II, Clinical Endodontics

T840-T850 - Dental Sciences IV, Part I and Part II, Clinical Endodontics

It is the clinical course that provides experience in endodontic treatment.  Upon completion of this course the pre-doctoral student should be capable of managing endodontic emergencies and completing uncomplicated endodontic cases.  While the pre-doctoral student's clinical experience includes treatment of two molars, it is recognized that this limited experience is not adequate to obtain clinical proficiency in molar treatment. Nor does the undergraduate experience permit exposure to other than routine treatment.  It is hoped that the student will recognize his limitations as well as his capabilities realistically and maintain concern for his patient's best interests in case selection.

Endodontic Intramural Courses

  • CODE #158 - Bleaching of Vital/ Pulpless Teeth
  • CODE #160 - Molar Endodontics - Clinical and Seminar
  • CODE #161 - Surgical Endodontics - Clinical and Seminar
  • CODE #162 - Endodontic Case Review

Required Syllabus: Legan JJ, Brown CE, Vail MM.  Endodontic Clinical Guide- updated yearly.