Services We Offer

Dental Illustration's product and portrait photo studio

Dental Photography 
• Research
• Clinical/Surgical Procedures
• Thesis Projects
• Macrophotography
• Patient Photo Records
• Faculty/Staff Portraits and Rosters
• Group Photos
• Certificate/Award Presentations
• School Functions/Events/Meetings

Large-Format Printer
• Capable of printing posters up to 42" on the shortest edge.

35mm Film Slides 
• E-6 slide Processing (processing is done on the outside and takes 2-3 days)

Photography Prints 
• Black/White and Color
• Produced from Negatives, Slides, Digital Files, or Submitted Prints

Graphic Art & Design
• Charts and Graphs
• Poster Sessions/Table Clinics
• Exhibits
• Brochures and Booklets
• Logos
• Printed Signs
• Certificates/Awards

• Artwork of dental and scientific subjects for teaching, research, thesis, and printed publications.

Scanning Station
•We have a flatbed and slide scanner that is available on a first come basis with assistance from our staff on getting you started.

Thesis Preparation 
• Graduate Students are encouraged to use the services of Dental Illustrations for the preparation of photos and illustrations to be used in their thesis. It is best to set up a meeting with our staff before your research begins to discuss your specific needs and set up a time table for photography and or illustrations.