25 April 2014

AAPHD Lip Sync Contest

The Public Health Club hosted a very entertaining Lip Sync Contest as a fundraiser. Participants included: Tim Treat, Chad Canal, Ryan Smith, Quantez Freeman, Derek Tew, Brandt Finney, Rachel Aziz, Lauren Brosmer, Justin Elikofer, Ami Pandya, and Kelly Elikofer. While Derek Tew won a tie-breaker against Brandt Finney for the prize money, all who were present thoroughly enjoyed the well-performed lip-syncs.

Dr. Valerie Smith-Gamble

21 April 2014

Gagandeep Bath Presents GOH Talk on India

At the second GOH Talk, Gagan Bath spoke to us about her home country of India and the path she took to arrive at the International Dental Professional program at IUSD. She spoke of the incredibly small access to care that most Indians have. The wealthy in India can seek treatment, but for many dental treatment is not a priority of a possibility. In India, the dental degree is obtained without first attending an undergraduate college or university. She also described the treatment being much less interactive in India compared to the United States where patients expect options and explanation. After attending dental school in Punjab, India she went on to work as a dentist in her home country. She then moved to the United States and enrolled in a Facial Pain Fellowship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. After completing that fellowship, she discovered the IDP program at Indiana University School of Dentistry and is excited to be here.

Punjab, India

15 April 2014

AAPHD Lecture Series-Dr. Valerie Smith-Gamble

Dr. Valerie Smith-Gamble spoke on April 15th over the noon hour and brought a geriatric patient of hers who has aged successfully. Both Dr. Smith-Gamble and her patient talked about the aging process and how dentists can team up with medical professionals to increase the outcomes of successful aging.

Dr. Valerie Smith-Gamble

28 March 2014

Win Chein Presents GOH Talk on Burma (Myanmar)

During the first ever AAPHD Global Oral Health Talk, Win Chein shared the history and culture of his home country of Burma. In addition to taking the attending students on a visual tour of many of the cultural sites in his country, he explained the process of becoming a dentist. In a country of nearly 53 million people, he explained that there were only two dental schools that students can enter directly out of high school. He painted a picture of how few dentists there are in the country by saying that his license number follows his mother's license number by only about 1000, a surprisingly low difference considering it covered 30 years.


26 March 2014

Introduction of Global Oral Health (GOH!) Talks

The School of Dentistry is fortunate to have access to international students who bring their diverse background and culture into our classrooms and clinics. Unfortunately, there is never a good opportunity for the traditional IUSD student to learn about different countries in a formal way.

The Student Chapter of the American Association for Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD) hopes these GOH! Talks provide an opportunity for all of the dental students to know more about the international students, the countries they come from and some of the culture they inevitably bring with you.

Additionally, as dentists in their respective countries, we hope to learn about the state of oral health, current oral health issues, and any interesting/fun customs

For Example: In the U.S., when a child loses a tooth, they put it under their pillow so that during the night, the tooth fairy will take the tooth and leave money for them when they wake up

Pictures and Maps are always welcomed in an effort to transport us from Indianapolis to all over the world if at least for an hour!

GOH Talks