Healthy Smiles for Employability

About Us 

The Healthy Smiles for Employability (HSE) program serves as an extension of Indiana University School of Dentistry’s Student Outreach Clinic (IUSD-SOC), providing free dentures and community employment services to local, low-income and uninsured adult residents.

Healthy Smiles for Employability is currently accepting applications from eligible residents


A healthy and confidant smile can impact self-esteem and confidence, and may affect employability in today’s job market. Unfortunately, there are residents who are unable to afford dentures and who are thereby put at a disadvantage in the marketplace and in regards to their oral health. In order to alleviate these issues, low-income and uninsured residents of the Near Eastside of Indianapolis and surrounding community need access to affordable dentures.



Program Goals

The mission of the Healthy Smiles for Employability is to improve oral health, well-being, and employment outcomes for local low-income and uninsured residents by providing full or partials dentures at no cost to HSE participants. HSE further collaborates with local organizations such as John H. Boner Community Center to increase access to employment services and improve employment opportunities.

In addition, HSE aims to enhance the educational experience of dental students providing dental care to underserved populations. As with all services provided at IUSD-SOC, all student dental providers are directly supervised by IU faculty dentists.


Since its establishment in December 2012, Healthy Smiles for Employability significantly developed through interdisciplinary collaboration of public health, dentistry and philanthropy students. In accordance with IUPUI’s Near Eastside Legacy Initiative, HSE works to bring together an interdisciplinary team of students to assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a community program, and educational trainings. Working with community organizations in the Near Eastside (e.g. job services, participant referrals, facility space), local agencies serve as an immense asset to the success of HSE and its participants. HSE is supported and funded by IUPUI Solution Center Community Venture Fund, Lilly Endowment, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, and People’s Health and Dental Center.

Program Donations

The Healthy Smiles for Employability program is currently supported by a grant from IUPUI Solution Center Community Venture Fund with the Lily Endowment to provide dentures and dental services to serve 20 individuals.

We are greatly interested in continuing our program. Your contribution can help sustain the Healthy Smiles for Employability program and fund the cost of dentures for local residents. Please visit our donation page to learn more.