Program Donations

The Healthy Smiles for Employability program is currently supported by a grant from IUPUI Solution Center Community
Venture Fund with the Lily Endowment to provide dentures and dental services to provide 20 dentures.

We are greatly interested in continuing our program! 

For one individual, a complete set of upper and lower dentures at IUSD costs $812.
According to the American Dental Association Survey of Dental Fees, the cost of full upper and lower dentures in East North Central USA (including Indiana) is $2,340; thus, the IUSD cost is extremely favorable.

Your contribution can help sustain the Healthy Smiles for Employability program by supporting
the provision of dentures for local residents.
Feel free to contact us about any questions about donating to the HSE program. 

Please leave your name and contact information at 317-306-0216 and mention the Healthy Smiles for Employability program.

Fax: 317-278-0173