What is the minimum FTE for an AC1 position?

The minimum FTE is 75%.



Do Adjunct faculty receive a reduction in pay when they miss a day of work?

Periodic absences by adjunct faculty do not need to result in a reduction in pay.  Examples would be missing a week or two due to vacation. 

At what point should Adjunct faculty receive a reduction in pay for absences?

When there are consecutive absences in excess of two weeks, consideration should be made for a temporary reduction in pay for an adjunct faculty member.  This could be due to illness, an extended vacation or another reason for a leave.  

Can adjunct faculty take a “leave”?

Adjunct faculty are not eligible for any university leaves of absence.  When someone will be in a non-pay status, a termination e-doc will be prepared and a note included that the faculty member will be returning to active status upon return. 

How do we calculate adjunct pay?

Adjunct pay is based on rank and FTE contribution.  The School has a pay chart that can be used for this.  

What is the maximum FTE for an adjunct appointment?

No appointment for adjunct faculty may be more than 69% (for adjuncts in 10 month positions) or 47% FTE (for adjuncts in 12 months positions). 



Is it possible to extend someone beyond 2 years as a visiting faculty member?

It is possible, but not common and would need justification. 



How much time does a full-time faculty member get for vacation?

For full-time, 12 month academic appointments: 22 days annually.  These are “given” at the first of each year and are “lost” if not used at the end of a calendar year. This time does not accrue, does not carry from one year to the next, and has no monetary value if unused. Additionally, while faculty are allowed to take one day per week for private practice, they are not required to do so, so that day is not sacrosanct as separate from their regular 5 day workweek. A week taken as vacation should be charged as 5 days, even though in a normal week the faculty member might spend that 5th day in private practice. 

Can I use vacation for my last days of employment?

Unused vacation time can be used with approval, however, all employees are expected to work their last day of employment.

If I leave the end of June, do I still have 22 days of vacation to use for the year?

No, vacation time is pro-rated for the first and last years of employment.  Someone who works through the end of June will have 11 days of vacation available to use prior to their termination.

Can I be paid for unused vacation time?

No, faculty do not receive a payout for used vacation time when they terminate.

Can Paid Sick Leave and Paid Family Medical Leave be combined for a total of 18 weeks paid time off?

Yes, they can be combined when there are qualifying reasons for both.  The most common combination is to have Paid Sick Leave for the birth of a child followed by up to 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave.  There are University policies regarding pay rates for Paid Family Medical Leave as the amount paid may not be the person’s full salary dependent on the pay level.

Paid Sick Leave

The University provides for paid sick leave for academic appointments. Medical certification must be provided.

Faculty unable to work due to illness for up to and including 5 business days do not need to be placed on Paid Sick Leave although these absences need to be reported on the School’s time off form and recorded in the faculty record.

Faculty who are off work due to illness in excess of 5 days will be placed on Paid Sick Leave.

The Paid Sick Leave period will be retroactive to the initial day of absence.

Paid Sick Leave at full-pay is for up to a six week period which is defined in the University Policy.

With medical necessity, additional sick leave can be approved at 50% pay for an additional 9 weeks as defined in the University Policy. For an extension beyond such periods, the individual will be placed on leave without pay.

Family Leave can be combined with Paid Sick Leave when the situation warrants the use of both policies.

Academic Paid Family Leave

Both 10- and 12- month academic appointees are eligible for family leave after two year of continuous full-time Indiana University service. Visiting, adjunct, part-time, post-doctoral, and intermittent appointees are not eligible for family leave. Medical certification must be provided. Eligible family members are considered as the appointee’s spouse, domestic partner, parent, dependent child, or dependent child of the appointee’s spouse or domestic partner.

Faculty unable to work due to the illness and care of a qualified family member for up to and including 5 business days do not need to be placed on Paid Family Leave although these absences need to be reported on the School’s time off form and recorded in the faculty record.

Faculty who are off work due to family illness in excess of 5 days will be placed on Paid Family Leave.

The Paid Family Leave period will be retroactive to the initial day of absence.

Paid Family Leave is for up to a 12 week period and dependent on the base salary of the employee, may be at 100% pay; pay level is defined in the University Policy.

Paid Sick Leave can be combined with Family Medical Leave when the situation warrants the use of both policies.

Military Leave

Military members who are called up for active duty receive up to 15 days paid leave per year; additional time can be taken by using vacation time available or as an unpaid leave.  A copy of the military orders must be provided for documentation.

Unpaid Leave

Unpaid leave can be initiated after other leave options are exhausted and has been at the discretion of the Chair in consultation with the EAD/Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.



What is the basic benefit package for faculty?

Faculty with appointments of 75% FTE or higher will receive the full benefit package the University offers.  Benefits include those listed below and may change from time to time:

                Medical Insurance

                Dental Insurance

                Basic Life Insurance up to $50,000 (supplemental life insurance can be purchased)

                Tuition Remission (varies for employee, spouse and same sex domestic partner, and children)

                Retirement – 10% contribution on base pay with a 3 year vesting requirement (other terms may apply which shorten the vesting period).  Employee can chose to use TIAA/CREF or Fidelity or a combination of both.

                Long Term Disability

                Employee Assistant Plan (IUEAP) – a 24/7 help service available to employees and members of their household.

                Other optional benefits include supplemental life insurance, supplemental retirement, etc. See IU Human Resources for information on additional plans.

Does an 80% appointment receive benefits?

Yes, an AC1 with a 75% or higher appointment receives the same benefits as a 100% appointment.

When do my benefits start when I am hired?

Benefits begin on the first day of employment even if the new employee has not signed up yet.  If medical or dental insurance is needed before the employee makes an insurance decision, the receipt for services can be retained and submitted for processing once the registration occurs.

When do my benefits end when I terminate?

Benefits end at mid-night the last day of employment.

Can changes only be made to benefits during open enrollment?

Some benefits such as Long Term Disability can be changed at any time of the year.  Supplemental contributions to retirement can also be changed.  Other benefits such as health insurance can be changed through the year when there is a qualifying life event such as marriage or a change in employment status of a spouse or domestic partner.  For specific details, contact

Is vesting required for the IUI Retirement Plan?

Yes, newly hired faculty under the university retirement plan must be employed by IU for three years in order to be vested. 

Who is eligible for health insurance?

Employees with an appointment of 75% or higher are eligible to receive health insurance through the University.  The premiums for health insurance are based on the base pay of the employee.  Registration for health insurance must occur within 30 calendar days of employment or until the Open Enrollment period with a benefit start date of January 1.

Who can I contact for more information about benefits?