Research Cores/Facilities

Oral health academic researchers, industrial investigators and private practitioners are constantly called upon to evaluate and validate current and developmental technologies and procedures. For many decades, The Oral Health Research Institute (OHRI) has provided reliable, efficient and effective  laboratory and testing resources for oral health research investigators.

OHRI_Facilities.jpgIn many instances, manufacturers of dental therapeutic and diagnostic products are obligated to obtain confirmation of their product claims from the FDA and often voluntarily seek approval from the ADA. This requires studies to determine product efficacy. Manufacturers' primary problem in seeking this acceptance is the cost of clinical trials, which impacts on the overall cost of modern health care. The dental industry has joined the search for statistically and economically efficient and effective alternatives. Industry's major challenge is identifying and utilizing these efficient and effective testing regimes for investigating the dynamics of dental disease and predicting the efficacy of dental products.

OHRI state-of-art facilities are shown at the menu on the left. If you are interested in a research collaboration utilizing a facility listed, please select the particular facility and contact its Director.