Bioresearch Core/Facility

Welcome to Bioresearch Core/Facility, IU School of Dentistry at IUPUI. For the past 40 years, Oral Health Research Institute has used this facility in the development and successful application of a rat caries model that evaluates the effects of fluoride dentifrice formulations on coronal caries. This model has produced published study data demonstrating its value for predicting clinical efficacy. OHRI researchers have modified and defined other caries models to evaluate the impact of non-fluoride systems, including antimicrobial agents and the effect of fluoride on root-surface caries. Information related to these additional models can be obtained upon request.

Regulations and policy govern every minute detail of this facility. The Bioresearch facility adheres to the strict guidelines issued from a variety of sources including IU's Research and Sponsored Programs, industrial research sponsors, and numerous government agencies such as NIH, FDA and USDA. Fully accredited since 1967, this facility employs a highly trained professional team that monitors a research project from rudimentary stages to completion. The laboratory is accredited by AAALAC International and the technicians are certified by AALAS. Several team members have received national recognition for their work in this facility.