Clinical Research Core/Facility

Welcome to Clinical Research Core/Facility, IU School of Dentistry at IUPUI. Members of the clinical faculty are well known as guest examiners at clinical sites throughout North America. This facility includes ten operatories, two of which are equipped for operative dentistry.

The Clinical Research Facility at the Oral Health Research Institute can trace its beginnings back more than four decades. The main purpose of the Facility is to provide programs for the direction, guidance, support, and education required for the faculty, staff, and students of Indiana University School of Dentistry to conduct clinical research in compliance with GCP/ICH regulations and guidelines. This includes assisting in all aspects of study management and conduct such as protocol development, Institutional Review Board submissions, subject recruitment, supply and infection control support, data management support, grant and contracts management, financial management, and contract review, as well as providing certified study coordinators and necessary support personnel.

The core currently has 17 full-time personnel including three certified clinical research coordinators (ACRP) and five certified central service technicians, most with five or more years of experience in conducting in vivo and in situ studies in compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration regulations and guidelines.

The main facility is located directly west of the Indiana University School of Dentistry and includes ten operatories, two of which are equipped for operative dentistry. The facility has radiographic equipment as well as its own sterilization equipment.

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