Dental Erosion-Abrasion Unit

Experimental Models

In the Dental Erosion lab, we conduct studies to determine the erosive potential of acidic beverages and solutions, using different methods (pH, titration, pH-stat, demineralization model). We also perform tests on the efficacy of oral care products on dental erosion and dental erosion-abrasion prevention using demin-remin cycling models.  Details on our models can be found on published papers or under request, as follows:

pH, titration: Hara and Zero (Eur J Oral Sci. 2008;116:1-6).
pH-stat: Scaramucci et al. (J Dent. 2011;39:841-8).
Static models (demin and remin): Hara et al. (Caries Res. 2005;39:134-8); Hara et al. (Caries Res. 2008;42:51-6).
Erosion-abrasion cycling model: Hara et al. (Eur J Oral Sci. 2008;116:552-6); Engle et al. (JADA 2010;141:546-51).


Equipment: Optical Profilometer 

Model: Proscan 2000, Scantron 

Capabilities: This non-contact profilometer can quantify the surface loss (average depth or volume) of dental substrates previously submitted to erosive-abrasive challenges. It is equipped with 2 different sensors and fully controlled by dedicated computer software (Proscan, Scantron). It also has an image subtraction analysis software (Proform, Scantron).


Equipment: Automatic Titrator 

Model: Titralab 856, Radiometer 

Capabilities: This automatic titrator allows the study of the erosive properties (pH, titratable acidity and pH-stat) of foods, drinks and oral hygiene products. It is equipped with 2 independent burettes and is automatically controlled by dedicated computer software (Titramaster 85, Radiometer).


Equipment: Brushing Machine (4 units) 

 V-8, Brushing Machine/Custom-made 

Capabilities: This brushing machine holds up to 8 experimental units at the same time and allows the study of the influence of brushing strokes, brushing force, type of toothbrush and type of dentifrice/slurry solution on the surface wear of dental substrates.


Equipment: Stereo microscope equipped with Digital Camera and Fiber Optic Illumination

Model: Nikon SMZ1500 Stereo microscope, DXM1200F Digital Camera & NI-150 Illuminator

Capabilities: Nikon's top-of-the-line stereo microscope. It covers a zoom range from 0.75x to 11.25x and utilizes an ultrahigh-definition digital camera with high performance software and fiber optic lighting for excellent image clarity. This allows the viewing and photographing of any specimen, from macro views to high-magnification micro visualization.